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via insiderpro10/22/2019

Revolut to Issue Debit Cards in US in Partnership with Mastercard

Preview Fintech startup Revolut has partnered with Mastercard to issue debit cards in the US.

via insiderpro10/22/2019

Binance Joins Governing Council of Kakao's Blockchain Project

Preview Binance has just announced it has joined Klaytn's governing council.

via insiderpro10/21/2019

Binance Adds Support for Russian Ruble

Preview It's expected that the support for the Russian ruble should appear within two weeks.

via insiderpro10/21/2019

Bitfinex Files for Subpoena to Recover $880 million

Preview The crypto exchange has filed an application with a U.S. court to recover $880M in frozen funds.

via insiderpro10/20/2019

A few online casinos that accept Bitcoin

Preview Online casinos continue to rely mainly on traditional payment methods and fiat currency.

via insiderpro10/18/2019

Binance DEX to Launch Bitcoin Cash-pegged Token

Preview Binance DEX, Binance's decentralized exchange, has just announced it plans to launch a token linked to Bitcoin Cash.

via insiderpro10/17/2019

Binance Burns Over $35M in BNB

Preview Binance claims it does not buy back any of binance coin for the burn.

via insiderpro10/22/2019

China's Regulator Approves 309 Blockchain Services

Preview China's cyberspace regulator has just approved 309 blockchain services in the country.

via insiderpro10/22/2019

Opera Adds Direct BTC Payments

Preview Opera has become the first browser to integrate direct bitcoin payments.

via insiderpro10/21/2019

HTC Releases Smartphone That Can Run Full BTC Nodes

Preview The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has just launched a smartphone with bitcoin full node capabilities.

via insiderpro10/21/2019

Facebook May Use Fiat-pegged Stablecoins for Libra

Preview David Marcus has said Facebook could use stablecoins pegged to national currencies with Libra.

via insiderpro10/18/2019

G20 Leaders Want Strict Regulations Over Stablecoins like Libra

Preview According to the G20 leaders, stablecoins still pose such risks as money laundering, illicit finance, and consumer and investor protection.

via insiderpro10/18/2019

G7 Releases Report on Stablecoins

Preview The group of the 7 most powerful economies in the world has just released its report on stablecoins.

via insiderpro10/17/2019

Singapore Top Bank Completes First Blockchain Transaction

Preview CIMB Bank Berhad CEO Mak Lye Mun claims the bank will continue to focus on digitalization and the client's experience.

via insiderpro10/21/2019

Trump’s Former Adviser Launches Stablecoin to Compete with Central Banks

Preview Stephen Moore is convinced that stablecoin in the current world of digitalization is an important alternative to state-backed money.

via insiderpro10/21/2019

Top 5 Crypto Gifts

Preview Looking for a crypto related gift for a friend? Then search no further!

via insiderpro10/21/2019

Bitmain Launches in Texas Largest Mining Farm in the World

Preview The Chinese mining giant has completed the construction of a mining center in Rockdale, Texas.

via insiderpro10/20/2019

Jamie Dimon: Libra Will Never Happen

Preview The JP Morgan Chase CEO also noted that the idea wasn’t particularly unique and mentioned the bank's own stablecoin, JPM Coin.

via insiderpro10/18/2019

Russia Bans Cointelegraph

Preview According to Cointelegraph, the website's URL was included in Roskmonadzor's blacklist file mailed to ISPs yesterday.

via insiderpro10/18/2019

Telegram Considers SEC Charges Are Illegal

Preview The Russian company has responded to the accusations of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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