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via cointelegraph06/26/2019

Cortex Launches Deep Learning and AI Network for Decentralized Apps

Cortex claims that this is the first time that artificial intelligence has been introduced to a crypto network at scale.

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AI on Blockchain in 3 minutes - Cortex

Cortex is a stand-alone public chain on which AI developers can store their models. Dapp developers can access these AI models to create AI-enhanced Dapps ...

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Cortex - AI On the Blockchain

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First Blockchain Capable of Running AI Programs: Cortex MainNet Arnold Launch


Earn EVEN tokens worth 100 USDT and more: 1. Follow my referral link and receive airdrop tokens 2. Share your referral link and get reward 3. Complete bounty tasks Initial listing rate is 3000 EVEN = 100 USD


Cortex representatives are coordinating with DApp developers with regard to implementing AI DApps in Korea


First Project Update After MainNet Launch


Cortex at Blockchain Summit Latam


OKEx has completed token swap for CTXCs


You can change DOCK on SimpleSwap - instant exchanger with more than 300 currencies!


One Week After MainNet Launch!


Announcement: Cortex Burns ERC20 CTXCs for MainNet Token Swap


CTXC mainnet swap already completed on BitForex


Cointelegraph Post on Cortex MainNet Launch


Cortex MainNet Launch Officially at June 26th 2019 18:00 (UTC+8) #AIOnBlockchain


Cortex Forum Official Release


Cortex will burn all ERC20 CTXC tokens and covert to mainnet CTXC tokens with a 1 to 1 ratio


Miners can now test mine on Cortex TestNet Dolores in preparation for MainNet launch next week


Announcement on the destruction of 150,000,000 CTXC ERC20 tokens


Our On-chain AI Solutions Has Gained Support from the Official MXNet Team


Any other CTXC communities?


Ziqi receiving interview from Korea Blockchain News


Ziqi Chen at "Crypto Currency Seminar" hosted by in South Korea


Ever closer to Cortex MainNet Launch


New T-shirt just came out in the spirit of Cortex MainNet Launch in two weeks


So grateful for our incredibly hardworking and talented core engineering team building the first blockchain capable of running AI on-chain on this planet. Two weeks from Cortex MainNet launch. 🚀⁣ ⁣ ⁣


Project Update #27: Second To Last Project Update Before the MainNet Launch at the End of This Month


Ziqi Chen in Korea next week!


Twitter thread where Ziqi Chen respond to Jesus Rodriguez about running AI on the blockchain