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via cointelegraph10/17/2019

Crypto-Friendly Browser Brave Hits 8 Million Monthly Active Users

Brave browser now has 8 million monthly active users and 2.8 million daily active users, the company says.

via coindesk10/14/2019

Bitcoin Faces Drop Below $8,000 Despite Beating Price Resistance

Bitcoin has crossed the 20-day moving average hurdle, but remains in bearish territory on the daily and weekly charts.

via cointelegraph10/10/2019

Bulls Push Bitcoin Price to a 2-Week High, is $9,700 Next?

On Oct. 9 Bitcoin price rallied 5% to notch a 2-week high at $8,715. Traders now must push BTC above the 200-daily moving average and set a higher high above $9,780.

via cointelegraph10/09/2019

Bitcoin Price Rallies to Touch $8,600 While Altcoins Follow

Bitcoin has rallied to touch $8,600, while major altcoins follow in its wake; Chainlink is seeing daily gains of almost 14%.

via coindesk09/27/2019

RSK Creators Acquire Spanish Social Network

Taringa claims to have some 30 million users, 1,000 active communities, and 8 million daily shares on its platform.

via cointelegraph09/25/2019

Ether Price Drop Shakes DAI Stablecoin Peg, Two Collateral Contracts Closed

The recent Ether price drop showed the reliability and weaknesses of the decentralized stablecoin built by MakerDAO, DAI, and the ecosystem built on it.

via cointelegraph09/25/2019

Daimler Conducts Transaction on Marco Polo Trade Finance Network

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler AG and mechanical engineering firm Dürr AG have conducted a pilot transaction on the Marco Polo trade finance network.

via cointelegraph10/15/2019

Bitcoin Price Touches $8,400 While 0x Jumps 16%

Bitcoin has touched the $8,400 price mark, while most altcoins report positive gains; 0x is seeing daily gains of more than 16%.

via coindesk10/14/2019

Daily Liquidity Comes to Crypto Fund With Lukka Accounting Tool

Same-day net asset value reporting is coming, thanks to crypto accounting firm Lukka.

via cointelegraph10/09/2019

Maker Foundation’s Multi-Collateral Dai to Launch on Nov. 18

The Maker Foundation’s CEO reveals that its Multi-Collateral Dai system will be ready to launch on November 18.

via coindesk10/03/2019

MakerDAO Bounty Program Catches ‘Critical’ Bug Before Launch

MakerDAO patched a "critical" bug in its upcoming Multi-Collateral Dai upgrade that could have put more than 10% of the system's total collateral at risk.

via cointelegraph09/27/2019

Oxfam Readies Phase Two of Dai-Based Vanuatu Disaster Relief Program

Oxfam is readying to launch its second trial phase using the DAI stablecoin to distribute financial aid.

via coindesk09/25/2019

Bitcoin Price Risks Drop to $7.5K After Third Biggest Daily Loss of 2019

Bitcoin fell sharply on Tuesday, confirming a bearish reversal and opening the doors for a test of crucial price support near $7,500.

via coindesk09/24/2019

Bitrue Exchange to Launch Crypto-Backed Loan Platform

The service, which goes live on September 30, loans BTC, ETH XRP and USDT at a 0.04% daily interest rate

via cointelegraph10/13/2019

Crypto Markets Report Mild Gains, While Binance Coin Jumps 7%

Bitcoin continues to bounce around the $8,400 price mark, while most altcoins report positive gains; Binance Coin is seeing daily gains of more than 7%.

via coindesk10/09/2019

MakerDAO’s Multi-Collateral DAI Token Is Launching Nov. 18

From Nov. 18, borrowers of DAI tokens will be able to stake multiple types of cryptocurrency collateral, not just ETH.

via cointelegraph10/08/2019

Hyundai’s Blockchain Arm to Set Up $10M Fund for Mainnet Launch: Report

Hdac Technology, the blockchain arm of South Korea’s largest car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group, plans to set up a $10 million blockchain investment fund in 2019.

via cointelegraph10/03/2019

Hackerone User Reveals Critical Bug Through MakerDAO Bounty Program

Hackerone user reveals critical bug in MakerDAO’s planned Multi-Collateral Dai upgrade that could have resulted in a complete loss of funds for all Dai users.

via coindesk09/26/2019

Why Ethereum Briefly Overtook Bitcoin in Daily Transaction Fees

Ethereum transaction fees are back on the rise and they're gaining parity with those of bitcoin. Here's why.

via coindesk09/25/2019

Daimler Carries Out First Transaction on Marco Polo Blockchain Trade Network

Automaker Daimler has carried out its first commercial transaction on the blockchain-based Marco Polo trade finance network.

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