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via livebitcoinnews09/25/2019

U.S. Binance Customers Gain Access to Five New Assets

Binance, arguably the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, is giving U.S. customers the chance to deposit up to five new cryptocurrencies into their accounts. These assets include Stellar, Cardano, Ethereum Classic and BAT. Binance Expands Its U.S. Horizons At press time, the exchange offers primarily mainstream cryptocurrencies with large market caps....

via insiderpro09/13/2019

Ethereum Classic Activates Atlantis Hard Fork

Preview Ethereum classic has successfully activated the latest hard fork on its network.

via coindesk09/11/2019

Powerful New Ethereum Miner Reaches Final Stage Before Mass Production

Upstart manufacturer Linzhi is ready to produce its first batch of powerful new machines for mining ethereum and ethereum classic.

via cointelegraph09/04/2019

Ethereum Classic Partners With Blockchain Developer and Media DApp

Ethereum Classic Labs has announced new partnerships with social media dApp iZbreaker and blockchain infrastructure developer, Second State.

via cointelegraph07/29/2019

Ethereum Classic Labs Announces Accelerate Program to Promote ETC Apps

Ethereum Classic Labs incubator announced its Accelerate program to promote the development of products based on the Ethereum Classic network.

via insiderpro06/21/2019

Ethereum Classic Will Activate Atlantis Hard Fork on September 17

Preview The developers of the project have scheduled the hard fork for September 17.

via coindesk06/20/2019

Ethereum Classic’s Next Crypto Code Upgrade Is Back on for September

After dissent earlier this month, ethereum classic developers decided today to recommit to a hard fork activation date in September.

via bitcoinist09/12/2019

With ETH 2.0 To Be Launched Soon, Where’s Ethereum Classic At

Ethereum has big plans to address scaling issues, a transition to Proof-of-Stake, and essentially upgrade to ETH 2.0. Meanwhile, the often-overlooked Ethereum Classic appears to have big plans of its own, like perhaps taking over from ETH 1.0. Some have even suggested that this was the plan from the start. From The Domain Of Ethereum Purists… Ethereum Classic emerged in 2016 following a contentious hard fork of the ETH network. The forking majority supported a

via coindesk09/12/2019

Ethereum Classic Successfully Executes ‘Atlantis’ Hard Fork

Ethereum Classic has successfully implemented a system-wide software upgrade as part of a bid to increase its interoperability with Ethereum.

via livebitcoinnews08/28/2019

Ethereum Classic and iZbreaker Join Hands Over Privacy Concerns

Ethereum’s “older brother” Ethereum Classic is making some positive headlines with the announcement that it will team up with iZbreaker to form private communities where blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can communicate with one another.  Ethereum Classic and iZbreaker Go Hand in Hand iZbreaker says it’s all about “personal, family and professional relationships.” Through its new...

via cointelegraph08/12/2019

Ethereum Classic Name Change Would Get Other Cryptos ‘Rekt,’ Says Dev

Ethereum Classic Labs’ Stevan Lohja says that many top cryptos would be “rekt” by Ethereum Classic if it removed “Ethereum” from its name.

via cointelegraph06/28/2019

Discovering Atlantis: Ethereum Classic Hard Fork and What Will Change

Ethereum Classic is set to undergo an Atlantis hard fork in September 2019, which will bring interoperability between sibling blockchains

via cointelegraph06/20/2019

Atlantis Hard Fork for Ethereum Classic Scheduled for September 17 Launch

Ethereum Classic developers and contributors recently decided that the Atlantis hard fork will occur on block 8,772,000, estimated for September 17.

via coindesk06/07/2019

Ethereum Classic to Test Code for ‘Atlantis’ Upgrade This Month

Ethereum classic developers are speeding up plans to test a proposed upgrade for the blockchain network later this month.

via cointelegraph09/12/2019

Ethereum Classic Successfully Implements Atlantis Hard Fork

The team behind Ethereum Classic has activated the Atlantis hard fork, aimed at improving the altcoin’s functionality and compatibility with Ethereum.

via cointelegraph09/10/2019

Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Announces Support for ETC Hard Fork

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced support for Ethereum Classic’s upcoming Atlantis hard fork.

via cointelegraph08/23/2019

4 Reasons Why Ethereum Classic Is Soaring — Up 40% This Week

Ethereum Classic price is soaring this week on bullish news including North Block Capital investment group joining ETC’s newly-launched developer support program.

via cointelegraph08/08/2019

ETC Labs Launches Studio Program to Support Developing ETC Projects

Ethereum Classic Labs’s Studio, a new program to support the development of new projects on the ETC blockchain, is now live.

via cointelegraph06/28/2019

ETC Labs Unveils ETC-ETH Interoperability Solution Backed by Metronome

ETC Labs announces partnership with Metronome to enable interoperability between the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains.

via coindesk06/20/2019

Ethereum Classic’s Next Crypto Code Upgrade Set for September

After dissent earlier this month, ethereum classic developers decided today to recommit to a hard fork activation date in September.

Ethereum Classic
Ethereum Classic

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