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via ccn03/03/2019

$46 Billion Flows into Chinese Stock Market, Should Launch Dow Higher

  Following MSCI’s decision to increase the weight of Chinese onshore shares in its widely-cited emerging market index, over $46 billion is set to pour into the stock market of China, a move that could kick

via insiderpro05/15/2019

Floyd Mayweather and Dj Khaled Get Rid of Lawsuit Brought by Investors

Preview The charges against boxer Floyd Mayweather and music producer DJ Khaled for participating in a fraudulent ICO have been dismissed.

via coindesk05/14/2019

Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled Escape Lawsuit Brought By ICO Investors

Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled and two employees of the Centra Tech ICO project have been dismissed from an investor lawsuit by a federal judge.

via coindesk05/13/2019

Santander, LeasePlan Testing Nivaura’s Blockchain-Based Floating Rate Bond

Capital markets startup Nivaura has developed a floating rate bond using blockchain tech, and it's already being tested by Santander and LeasePlan.

via cointelegraph04/26/2019

Report: Hamas’ Militant Wing Using Multiple BTC Wallet Addresses to Elude Authorities

The militant arm of Hamas is reportedly using increasingly complex measures to frustrate authorities’ attempts to track the flow of its cryptocurrency financing.

via coindesk02/15/2019

How SABRE Tech Can Stop Hackers From Splitting Bitcoin Into Two

Hackers could attack bitcoin with a flood of data, but researchers say they have a solution in the form of a relay network called SABRE.

via livebitcoinnews02/01/2019

Grim Numbers Discourage Crypto Players as Bitcoin Crashes Anew; Other Coins Also Battered

Bitcoin (BTC) is still in the doldrums across key trading floors, as Bitfinex pegged the crypto at $3,510, while Coinbase sells it for $3,422. Losses unabated Coinbase Pro reached a daily volume of $55 million against Bitfinex’s $102 million. BitMEX, on the other hand, which raked in three-quarters of a billion dollars during the same...

via insiderpro05/18/2019

Grayscale Investments: Bitcoin is Still in Its Infancy

Preview The investment company assumes that bitcoin will be one of the uncorrelated assets into which large funds of generational wealth will flock down.

via cointelegraph05/16/2019

Capital Outflows From Major Crypto Exchanges Exceeded Inflows by ~$622 Mln in Recent Days

TokenAnalyst estimates that capital outflows from major crypto exchanges have exceeded inflows by ~$622 million over the past 5 days.

via coindesk05/09/2019

Florincoin – The 2013 Altcoin You Don’t Remember – Is Attracting Real Users

An obscure cryptocurrency that first started getting noticed during the 2014 altcoin boom is showing itself a true diamond in the rough.

via cointelegraph05/07/2019

Tether, Bitfinex Stay Afloat Amid Controversy

Tether, Bitfinex fight back against New York attorney general’s legal claims, as the stablecoin maintains stability.

via cointelegraph04/11/2019

StackOverflow Developer Survey: 80% of Organizations Do Not Use Blockchain

A developer survey shows that 80% of organizations are currently not using blockchain technology.

via cointelegraph02/15/2019

Grayscale Q4 2018 Report: Institutional Investors Provide 66% of Capital Inflow

The latest crypto investment report from Grayscale Investments reveals that capital inflow from institutional investors is on the rise.

via ccn02/01/2019

Crypto Firms Flock to Estonia: Is the Country’s E-Residency Program a Giant Loophole for Money-Laundering?

Estonia’s e-Residency program allows location-independent non-citizens and firms to access services such as banking digitally. Cryptocurrency firms have pa

via cointelegraph05/14/2019

Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled Escape Lawsuit Brought by Defrauded ICO Investors

Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled had been involved in promoting Centra Tech’s fraudulent initial coin offering.

via cointelegraph05/13/2019

Grayscale Reports Vast Majority of Investments in Q1 2019 Were in Bitcoin Trust

New York-based crypto asset manager Grayscale reported a 42% growth in its product inflows in Q1 2019 over the previous quarter.

via coindesk05/09/2019

Florincoin – The 2014 Altcoin You Don’t Remember – Is Attracting Real Users

An obscure cryptocurrency that first started getting noticed during the 2014 altcoin boom is showing itself a true diamond in the rough.

via cointelegraph05/03/2019

Vietnam: CMC Telecom, Akamai to Prevent DDoS Trading Floor Attacks for Blockchain Startups

The partnership aims to keep user data safe and prevent distributed denial-of-service attacks.

via bitcoinist03/26/2019

Microsoft: Bing Blocked 5 Million Cryptocurrency Ads In 2018

Bing, the web search engine owned by Microsoft, blocked more than 5 million cryptocurrency advertisements last year, new figures from the company reveal. Microsoft’s Bing Says Cryptocurrency ‘Key Focus’ As part of its Ad Quality Year in Review 2018 document which it released March 25, Bing highlighted cryptocurrency as a “key focus area” of its efforts to prevent ads flouting its policy rules. “While digital advertising is incredibly powerful and open, it is also prone

via livebitcoinnews02/06/2019

Crypto Markets Report Losses, as Bitcoin (BTC) Grapples to Stay Afloat

The digital currency markets are posting modest declines, with Bitcoin (BTC) grappling to stay afloat, while its key counterparts continue to struggle in the red. Mild advance, nothing big BTC currently trades at around $3,467 as of this posting, gaining a mild 0.17 pct early this morning. The premier crypto climbed at 0.56 pct on...

2 months ago

Bitcoin, BNB, Ravencoin & FLO! Massive Gains!! (ARCANE BEAR)

Join our traders club: https://arcanebear.com/product/bear-club-access Telegram: https://t.me/arcanebear We drop in to take a look at Bitcoin, Binance token ...

4 months ago

TOK TALK-03 What is Florin Coin FLO? by TOKOK Exchange

Related Link: FLO Official website: https://www.flo.cash/ Where to exchange: https://www.tokok.com Welcome to TOK TALK! This video program is produced by ...

9 months ago

What is Florin Coin FLO? | In 3 minutes | Tzero

What do you think about FLO? I do not own the music.

1 year ago

Florincoin FLO Scrypt POW Coin "floData" Good Investment to HODL

FLO is a scrypt minable crypto-currency with quick transaction processing. It is based on the Bitcoin and Litecoin source code, with improvements in several ...

1 year ago

REALIST NEWS - FLO Coin Update (Deleted previous vid) Crypto Market Review

Trade Cryptos LIKE A BOSS: https://www.cryptosclass.com Crypto Apparel: http://hodlgear.net Crypto Songs! https://www.youtube.com/c/cryptokaraoke Join ...

2 years ago

Florincoin Trading - Time to invest in FLO Cryptocurrency? April 1/17

Florincoin Trading and FLO Cryptocurrency Investing with LumbridgeCity - April 1/17 Sponsored by http://digitalcurrencytraders.com Learn More About Coinigy ...

Welcome to the FLO subreddit! Here you can learn about FLO and its use as a worldwide public record in many blockchain-based applications


FLO is about to pump up to 300% this year!, bull run is on watch Charts and Signals for FLO


Exchange FLO at Stealthex.io, an anonymous and limitless crypto exchange free from sign-ups and providing personal data


CoinDesk just released an in-depth article on FLO and an overview of the history of Alexandria, OIP, and FLO since 2013


Caltech ETDB, built on FLO and OIP, published a paper in the open-access scientific journal PLOS One


New FLO 3D graphics


FLO là gì ? FLO Blockchain là gì ? FLO Coin là gì ?


FLO: "Blockchain's Billion Dollar Babies" [Interview with FLO Lead Dev]


[TokenPost Interview] Alexandria Co-Founder and FLO blockchain lead developer Joseph Fiscella on creating a decentralized "iTunes for everything" - TokenPost


Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies: this Forbes article by Michael del Castillo mentions FLO’s use as an enterprise blockchain backend


You can change FLO on SimpleSwap - instant exchanger with more than 250 currencies!


Build a Blockchain Property Register with FLO - presented at the World Bank Land and Poverty 2019 conference


Tron Black on twitter: OIP txids (FLO) added to RVN in latest Ravencoin update


Medici Land Governance and OIP to be Showcased at The Land and Poverty Conference with The World Bank


Medici Land Governance to be Showcased at The Land and Poverty Conference with The World Bank


FLO Twitter: Integrating the Open Index Protocol with Ravencoin can bridge existing land rights systems with tokenization


What Is FLO Blockchain? - NullTX


Vote for FLO to be covered in Nik Patel’s next Coin Report


Medici signs up Mexican locality for land registration on FLO


Did you know FLO has its own Discord channel? Join FLO on discord today!


New to FLO - Questions


Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock talks about Bitcoin, FLO and Ravencoin as a backbone for future technology


BTC Bulls Clinging On


This one goes out to everyone who moans about liquidity #GoWithTheFlo


FLO Promo Video by NYC Filmmaker


Trade FLO with ​trading bot on Bittrex