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via coindesk03/14/2019

Privacy Cryptocurrency Grin Votes to Fund Third Full-Time Developer

The community behind privacy-focused cryptocurrency Grin has recently decided to fund its third full-time developer.

via insiderpro02/15/2019

Poloniex Lists Grin & Initiates the Year of Contribution

Preview Trades will be available in BTC/GRIN and USDC/GRIN pairs.

3 weeks ago

How Grin FAILED - And Made BTC Even Stronger...

Grin has had a few tough months since it's launch and its price keeps going down. Why did Grin fail even though it performs better than Bitcoin in many aspects?

1 month ago

Davincij15 : Watch this before you buy Grin coin ! Beam coin, Litecoin, Mimble Wimble, MMCrypto

Davincij15 introduced Grin coin to alot of cryptocurrency fans. When is the right time to buy Grin coin? Grincoin price prediction. Grincoin is not the only ...

1 month ago


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1 month ago

Is Grin The Bitcoin 2.0? | Free BCHSV On Coinbase! | ETH Price Resiliance

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1 month ago

Grin Coin Price Prediction 2019

Grin Coin Price Prediction 2019 Grin Coin Price WWW.KNOCKOUTCRYPTO.COM JOIN NOW!! PATREON BONUSES: ...

1 month ago

Bitcoin 2020 Bet, Grin Vs Beam, Bitcoin On Twitter & Crypto Market Crash Speculation

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1 month ago

Should You Invest In Grin Coin In 2019? Bitcoin 2.0 On Rise...

minegrincoin #mimblewimble #grincoin So so should you invest in Grin coin in 2019? Is this Bitcoin 2.0 or a dream that is going to fade into memories...Grin Coin ...

1 month ago

Grin going to $20 ? and Top 100 Market Cap ? | MimbleWimble | Coin Inflation

Why Grin can go to 20 dollars a coin! We will explore what it will take to become a Top 100 coin by market cap. Then we will dive into the Grin monetary policy ...

1 month ago

Bitcoin Oracle DavinciJ15 on how to invest in crypto in 2019! GRIN BEAM Privacy Coins ADA TRX

FOLLOW DAVINCI: Please let us know what you thought about our review below! Are you ...

1 month ago

GRIN Coin Deep Review! - $GRIN and Mimblewimble Protocol

blockchain #grin #mimblewimble #sirinlabs #mining #crypto Today we are going to be looking at Grin, a new cryptocurrency that many believe is the answer to ...

1 month ago

Grin is Bitcoin 2.0?

Privacy coin Grin has been lauded as Bitcoin 2.0. It is a community coin, recently launched without a pre-mine, ICO or a known founder. So, why did the price of ...

1 month ago

Will Grin Replace Bitcoin? Not Likely

Start your 3 day trial of my online crypto school for just $1: On today's episode of The Cryptoverse… The launch of ...

1 month ago

Grin And Beam Coin: How Revolutionary Are They?

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2 months ago

Grin Coin is Bitcoin 2.0? Everything You Need to Know! Ultimate Review

Grin Coin is Bitcoin 2.0? Ultimate Review Imagine if you had the ability to go back in time and become one of the first people in the world to mine an ...

2 months ago

Mining Rig Profit Per Day January 2019 - Grin Coin Mining Update

Mining Rig Profit Per Day January 2019 - Grin Coin Mining Update We are now in the 3rd week of January 2019. My mining rig profit per day for January 2019 ...

2 months ago

ETHEREUM to ZERO? GRIN & BEAM to ZERO? Shocking Bitcoin and crypto predictions with Tone Vays!

Please let us know what you thought about our interview with Tone Vays below! Are you holding any of these coins? Do you have any more questions for us or ...

2 months ago

GRIN Launch: Mining Stats, Price Forecasts, and More!

Multistreaming with GRIN, an implementation of MimbleWimble, launches today (January 15th). Join Kylan aka Captain Crypto as we ...

2 months ago

Davincij15 - BTC/Altcoin Prices | Grin vs Beam | ETH | BNB | HOT & MORE !!

We have Davincij15 LIVE on our show! (TIMESTAMPS below!) ☆ *Our favorite brandnew Fiat/Crypto Exchange:* ...

2 months ago

Grin Coin | Beam Coin | The Power of MimbleWimble

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to take a look at MimbleWimble. Follow us on Twitter here: ...

2 months ago

GRINCOIN - What is it? Mine, Buy or ignore?

Davincij15 has revealed the Coin which is in his opinon "THE NEXT BIG THING"! It´s GRINCOIN! So now we want to show you what Grin Coin actually is, what ...