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via coindesk08/05/2019

Bitcoin’s Price Jumps Back Above $11K for the First Time In 3 Weeks

Bitcoin has risen back above the $11,000 psychological price point after regaining ground on July 8's and July 22's bearish breakdowns.

via cointelegraph07/25/2019

Bitcoin Reclaims $10,000 As Alts Rally

The crypto markets are seeing a surge of green, with altcoins posting the strongest gains and Bitcoin breaking back above the psychological price point of $10,000.

via coindesk05/07/2019

Bitcoin Price Eyes Break Above $6,000 Ahead of New York Blockchain Week

Bitcoin is gaining altitude in line with the bullish developments on the technical charts and could soon rise above the psychological level of $6,000.

via coindesk04/11/2019

Bitcoin Drops Back to $5K Price Support After Failed Breakout

Bitcoin has fallen back close to psychological support at $5,000 after a failed breakout Wednesday.

via cointelegraph01/08/2019

Crypto Markets See Mixed Signals, Bitcoin Still Above $4,000

Bitcoin has been holding the psychological $4K mark for two days, while some of the other top currencies see mild losses

via insiderpro11/27/2018

Bottom Not Found — Market Continues to Fall

Preview The main cryptocurrencies continue to decline in price as part of the downtrend that has emerged in the market. Although the pace of decline has slowed somewhat, the bitcoin is still trading below the psychological mark of $4,000.

via coindesk10/22/2018

The Delicate Psychology of Stablecoins

Replacing tether's role in the crypto markets will require an obsession with maintaining transparency and trust.

via cointelegraph07/31/2019

Bitcoin Recovery Breaks Back Over $10,000

Top cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is back over the psychological $10,000 price point again after a week of bouncing around the $9,000 range.

via cointelegraph06/21/2019

Bitcoin Price Hits New 2019 High Inching Closer to $10,000 ‘FOMO’

Bitcoin is exciting investors after BTC price is up almost 30% in a month and now just $200 of a key psychological barrier.

via coindesk04/11/2019

Bitcoin Drops Back to $5K Support After Failed Breakout

Bitcoin has fallen back close to psychological support at $5,000 after a failed breakout Wednesday.

via ccn02/23/2019

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Rips Past $4,100, Crypto Market Cap Hits $139 Billion

The bitcoin price broke higher on Saturday, ripping past the psychological resistance at $4,000 and briefly stretching above $4,100. The flagship cryptocurrency had been hovering in the low $3,900s for most of the week after touching

via cointelegraph12/27/2018

UN Partnership to Roll Out Blockchain-Based Telemedicine, Telepsychology in East Africa

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime has partnered with blockchain-based telemedicine and telepsychology firm doc.com.

via insiderpro11/25/2018

Bitcoin Under $4,000. What Next?

Preview Today is a solemn day for the crypto market with many of the top cryptocurrencies down around 13-17% as according to coinmarketcap.com. With bitcoin hitting a new low this year and breaking the psychological barrier of $4,000 towards the $3,700 mark.

via livebitcoinnews09/21/2018

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Shoots Further North on PNC Welcome, Pullback Possible?

Ripple just recently busted through its double bottom neckline to confirm that an uptrend is underway. Price is stalling at the .5000 major psychological mark, though, and some profit-taking action could lead to a pullback opportunity that more bulls are waiting for. Applying the Fibonacci retracement tool on the latest swing low and high shows...

via insiderpro05/20/2019

CoinList Co-Founder: You Don’t Need Bitcoin ETF Anymore

Preview Earlier this month, bitcoin (BTC) succeeded to overcome a psychological barrier and broke above $8,000 for the first time since July 2018.

via coindesk04/12/2019

Bitcoin Defends Psychological Support Line After Price Dip to $4,900

Bitcoin dropped to around $4,900 earlier today, but has since fought back to above the $5K psychological support line.

via ccn02/24/2019

Microsoft’s HoloLens Deal Triggers Workers, But Faux Outrage Doesn’t Stop MWC19 Reveal

In an announcement that surprised no one, Microsoft today unveiled HoloLens 2, the revolutionary "mixed reality" device that landed the tech giant a nearly half-billion dollar contract with the U.S. military. https://twitter.com/Microsoft/status/1099733182935642112 As Microsoft executives basked in

via ccn01/29/2019

Ethereum Price Struggles to Hold above $100 as Crypto Winter Grows More Frigid

Since our last crypto market round-up report on Friday, the climate has changed significantly for at least one major cryptocurrency: Ethereum. All eyes are on Ether as it pushes closer and closer to the $100 mark. Bitcoin, meanwhile, briefly crossed the threshold of $3,400. By most accounts, the Bitcoin price is working on a test of the $3,000 mark, which is both a psychological and market indicator. Bitcoin Price Likely to Test $3,000 The Bitcoin price‘s 3-day chart looks a bit hellish if you’re a bull in this cold weather. Bitcoin has lost $200 over the past three days. Average users

via coindesk12/20/2018

Bitcoin Price Rebounds to Two-Week Highs Above $4K

Bitcoin's relief rally gathered pace on Thursday, pushing prices to two-week highs above the psychological hurdle of $4,000.

via livebitcoinnews10/31/2018

Impact of Psychology on Use of Cryptocurrencies

The use of cryptocurrencies has been very low. Let’s look at the psychology behind the lack of adoption. Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies There is no denying the fact that blockchain technology is disruptive in the way it facilitates an instant and cheap transfer of money. However, the level of adoption remains abysmally low. An article...

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Holo HOT Price Prediction (15 Aug 2019)

Down the channel we go! Full list of HOT technical analysis: http://bit.ly/Holochain-HOT-Playlist Use these 4 ========== Short with Huobi.

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Sounds quite a bit like Holochain


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