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via coindesk06/22/2019

Staking Isn’t Just a Way to Earn Crypto Money – And It Shouldn’t Be

Staking is getting attention for all the wrong reasons, and it’s time to re-examine its role, argues Decred's Jake Yocom-Piatt.

via insiderpro06/17/2019

OKCoin Reveals Debit Card Deposit Feature

Preview According to the announcement, debit and credit card deposits are currently available to OKCoin users outside of the U.S., Europe, and China.

via livebitcoinnews06/10/2019

Mahone’s Allows You to Pay for Wallpaper with Crypto

It appears crypto is becoming more popular as methods of payment not just for users, but for merchants. Crypto Is as Prominent as Cash and Credit Cards With the introduction of enterprises like Flexa, the use of cryptocurrencies as means of payment for goods and services suddenly appears much easier. In addition, currencies like bitcoin...

via cointelegraph06/11/2019

Beaxy Launches Crypto Trading Platform Despite Hack Last Month

Despite last month’s hack, Beaxy’s CEO says he “couldn’t be happier with the product this incredible team has built.”

via insiderpro05/30/2019

Cred to Migrate its Tokens to Binance Mainnet

Preview The crypto lending platform Cred has announced it will migrate its native tokens to Binance's mainnet as a result of a new partnership.

via cointelegraph05/30/2019

Deloitte Tests Data Management on Ethereum Blockchain With Three Irish Banks

The Big Four auditor is midway through a beta test phase of a tool designed to handle staff credentials.

via insiderpro05/27/2019

Hacked Exchange Cryptopia Granted Bankruptcy Protections

Preview A U.S. court has granted New Zealand-based crypto exchange Cryptopia bankruptcy protections to protect it from creditors.

via insiderpro06/18/2019

Canadian Bitbuy Exchange Partners with Blockgeeks to Allow Fiat Deposits

Preview The partnership will allow worldwide users to purchase crypto via simple credit card transactions

via cointelegraph06/17/2019

OKCoin, Payments Processer Simplex Partner on Card-Enabled USD Deposits for Int’l Users

Major fiat-crypto trading platform OKCoin has partnered with fintech firm Simplex to enable global users to make USD deposits via debit or credit card.

via coindesk06/11/2019

Messaging Giant Telegram’s ICO Token Is at Last Going on Public Sale

Telegram's gram token, previously sold to accredited investors in one of the biggest-ever ICOs, is at last to be offered to the public.

via cointelegraph05/31/2019

Liquidators of Hacked Cryptopia Exchange Release Report, Note $4.2M Owed to Creditors

Cryptopia’s liquidator Grant Thornton released an estimation on the financial state of the firm, reporting a total of $4.22 million owed to creditors.

via coindesk05/30/2019

Binance Partners With Crypto Lending and Borrowing Firm Cred

Binance exchange is teaming up with Cred to offer cryptocurrency lending and borrowing services across its ecosystem.

via coindesk05/30/2019

Binance to Offer Crypto Lending and Borrowing Through Cred Partnership

Binance exchange is teaming up with Cred to offer cryptocurrency lending and borrowing services across its ecosystem.

via cointelegraph05/25/2019

DeFi and Credit on the Blockchain: Why Loans Are Better When They’re Decentralized

Decentralized credit and loans: better for borrowers and better for the economy.

via cointelegraph06/16/2019

“CoinLab Is a Big Stopping Block”: Mark Karpeles Talks Mt. Gox Creditor Claims and Life After Trial

Cointelegraph spoke with Mark Karpeles, former CEO of defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox.

via livebitcoinnews06/06/2019

Facebook Coin: the Positive and the Negative

Facebook Coin is proving to be something of a mixed bag for everyone involved. Could Be Great if You’re a User As a consumer or general user, the currency may have its benefits. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have reasonable access to cash or standard credit options, you’re likely to gain some advantage from...

via insiderpro05/31/2019

Cryptopia Exchange Owes Its Creditors Over $2.7M

Preview Cryptopia also owes $207,000 for outstanding salaries and holiday pay to its workers.

via coindesk05/31/2019

Collapsed Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Owes Creditors $2.7 Million: Liquidators

The liquidators of hacked New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia say it owes over $2.7 million to creditors, while user losses are still unknown.

via coindesk05/30/2019

Three of Ireland’s ‘Big Four’ Banks Using Blockchain to Verify Staff Credentials

Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster Bank, are using a Deloitte blockchain system to verify and track employees' credentials.

via cointelegraph05/29/2019

Crypto Lending Platform Cred to Migrate Tokens to Binance Mainnet in New Partnership

Major crypto exchange Binance has partnered with decentralized crypto lending platform Cred to bring its services to the Binance ecosystem.

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