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How Crypto Payments Help to Avoid Commissions and Save Money, Explained

Learn more about the particular cases when using cryptocurrencies is much more efficient than paying with cash or credit cards.

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Advocate for Mt Gox Creditors Quits, Saying Bitcoin Payouts Could Take Years

The head of a large Mt. Gox creditor group is stepping down amid what he described as a legal quagmire that could take years to resolve.

via bitcoinist03/26/2019

Microsoft: Bing Blocked 5 Million Cryptocurrency Ads In 2018

Bing, the web search engine owned by Microsoft, blocked more than 5 million cryptocurrency advertisements last year, new figures from the company reveal. Microsoft’s Bing Says Cryptocurrency ‘Key Focus’ As part of its Ad Quality Year in Review 2018 document which it released March 25, Bing highlighted cryptocurrency as a “key focus area” of its efforts to prevent ads flouting its policy rules. “While digital advertising is incredibly powerful and open, it is also prone

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Short-Term Crypto Losses Surged Fivefold in 1st Month of 2019: Credit Karma Tax

The Number of Credit Karma Tax filers that reported short-term crypto losses in the first month of 2019 surged 521 percent over the same period in 2018.

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Asset-Backed Securities: Entering the Crypto Conversation in 2019

There's a growing consensus that DLT supports the credit sector's digital transformation goals, says Charlie Moore of Global Debt Registry.

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US Justice Dept. Convicts Two Romanians of Cybercrimes Including Cryptojacking

U.S. federal jury convicted two alleged Romanian hackers of spreading malware to steal credit card credentials and illicitly mine cryptocurrency.

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Coordinator for Largest Group of Mt. Gox Creditors Leaves Post, Sells His Claim

The founder and coordinator of the largest group of creditors of collapsed BTC exchange Mt. Gox has quit his post and sold his claim.

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A Guilty Verdict, Impatient Creditors and a Resurrecting Movement: Mt. Gox Saga Continues

A recap of the latest news surrounding the Mt. Gox saga.

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TrueUSD Stablecoin Holders Can Get ‘Up to 8%’ Interest Via CredEarn

Holders of the dollar-pegged stablecoin TrueUSD can now leverage their funds to earn interest through crypto lender Cred.

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Leading Advocate for Mt Gox Creditors Quits, Saying Bitcoin Payouts Could Take Years

The head of a large Mt. Gox creditor group is stepping down amid what he described as a legal quagmire that could take years to resolve.

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Mt. Gox Trustee Announces Creditors Received Decisions Over Rehabilitation Claims

The decisions over rehabilitation claims have been sent to customers of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox.

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Exchange KuCoin Enables Credit Card Purchases of Crypto

Singapore-based exchange KuCoin partners with payment processor Simplex to allow users to purchase crypto with credit cards.

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Mt Gox Creditors Warn Mass Sale Could Put Bitcoin Fork Prices At Risk

A group of Mt. Gox creditors has warned of a market risk to forks of bitcoin in a draft plan for the collapsed exchange's civil rehabilitation.

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CRED Announces XRP Loans; Cardano, Stellar, EOS, Ripple Weiss Ratings; Crypto Custodians

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Cred Explained

Cred is a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain.

1 year ago

Next Crypto Currency to hit 1000% CRED Verify Analysis and review This Week ICO !!

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Atomic Wallet Added Cred to Asset list and Exchanges! USD/CNY/JPY/Eur/KRW


Cred Earn and LBA???


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The Bluenote platform gauges the interest level of the user about a topic based


Libra Credit Statistics at, New Cryptocurrency Market Data Site


The FST Network works Trustworthier


Cred Discussion?


Libra Credit Whirepaper - you shoud read it up


I'm curious, as 1 Eth = 147.53 USDT CRED loan. What happens if eth experiences a huge price increase? Can the new value be unlocked?


Cred (Formerly Libra Credit) Joins the Universal Protocol Alliance


Libra Credit (LBA) - Listing on BitMax - 21 Aug 2018


Libra Credit – a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime , Good !


Longer Term and Amortized Loans


Check the price Libra_Credit on Coinmarketcap


Libra has several important qualities, check it out more in the post.


Bounty Airdrop Global Project


LBA is already prepared to confront the traditional currencies of the market


Libra Credit shares a similar mission to Uphold, to make the financial services transparent, affordable, comprehensive and global


Libra Credit Review - Better than SALT???


Libra will help to advance the field of lending to unprecedented heights thanks to the blockchain!


Five Things About Libra Credit - That's good - Many Investors: FBG Capital, Binance Labs, DHVC, GBIC, Alphabit Fund, Dekrypt Capital, DFund, BlockTower......


Why Libra CreDit Can Be A Very Important Tool for Crypto Ecosystem


Libra - A great idea


Add to your calendar Libra Credit (LBA) event: Seoul Meetup - August 16, 2018


Libra Credit & Uphold timeline?