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via coindesk09/03/2019

HSBC Targets China Trade With Yuan-Demoninated Blockchain Letter of Credit

HSBC has carried out the first blockchain-based letter of credit transaction denominated in Chinese yuan.

via cointelegraph08/31/2019

1.4 Million Brazilian Point-of-Sale Devices to Support Crypto Payments

Cielo, the largest credit card processing company in Brazil, recently announced support for cryptocurrency payments on its point-of-sale devices.

via coindesk08/23/2019

Canadians Charged for $220,000 Bitcoin Scam on Twitter

Two Canadian nationals posed as HitBTC customer service representatives in order to steal a user's login credentials.

via cointelegraph08/21/2019

What's Driving Up Bitcoin Price? Central Banks, Says FT Reporter

The Financial Times' chief correspondent for international finance has argued that central banks can ironically be credited for boosting Bitcoin’s price.

via coindesk08/15/2019

Crypto Lending Industry Has Earned Just 2% on $4.7 Billion in Loans: Report

A new report from credit assessment startup Graychain shows that demand for crypto loans is surging, but lenders aren't making much profit.

via cointelegraph08/02/2019

Judge to Chase: Buying Crypto on Credit Not Necessarily a Cash Advance

A New York judge has said that crypto purchases might not be cash advances, and a class action suit against Chase can largely proceed.

via cointelegraph07/30/2019

Capital One Hack Exposes 100 Million Accounts as Bitcoin Unaffected

The massive-scale hack of major United States credit card issuer Capital One has left the personal data of over 100 million individuals exposed.

via cointelegraph09/02/2019

HSBC Completes First Blockchain Letter of Credit Transaction in Yuan

Banking and financial services giant HSBC has completed the first yuan-denominated letter of credit transaction on a blockchain using the Voltron trade finance platform.

via insiderpro08/28/2019

Decred Integrates Anonymous Feature

Preview The goal of the feature is to be simple, adaptable, and creative.

via cointelegraph08/17/2019

QuadrigaCX Users Request Details on How EY Lost 103 Bitcoins

Creditors of now-defunct crypto exchange QuadrigaCX are requesting information concerning the recent loss of 103 Bitcoins during the funds' recovery.

via cointelegraph08/15/2019

Court Denies Craig Wright’s Motion for Judgment in Kleiman V. Wright

The judge overseeing the Kleiman V. Wright case has denied Wright’s motion for judgment on the pleadings, citing lack of credibility.

via cointelegraph08/07/2019

Standard Chartered Makes Letter of Credit Transaction Using Blockchain

A blockchain letter of credit transaction in the oil industry has been sent by Standard Chartered with Thai state-owned oil giant PTT Group.

via cointelegraph08/02/2019

Nexo Launches MasterCard-branded Crypto Credit Card

Instant crypto loans firm Nexo and international payment system corporation MasterCard are jointly launching a cryptocurrency credit card.

via insiderpro07/18/2019

Korea's Biggest Credit Card Company Patents Blockchain Payment System

Preview Thus, Shinhan Card becomes the first company to establish a credit transaction service with the help of blockchain technology.

via cointelegraph08/30/2019

Crypto Project Decred Adds Privacy Features to Its Coin

Cryptocurrency project Decred announces the addition of various privacy-focused features to its DCR coin.

via cointelegraph08/21/2019

Nonprofit Launches Blockchain Platform for Credit History in Sierra Leone

Nonprofit organization Kiva along with the government of Sierra Leone have launched a country-wide blockchain solution for credit history.

via coindesk08/16/2019

A Big Four Audit Firm Lost $1 Million In Bitcoin. Victims Are Losing Patience

QuadrigaCX creditors are losing patience with their court-appointed law firm, demanding answers about the effort to recover their funds.

via coindesk08/15/2019

Crypto Lenders Have Earned Just 2% on $4.7 Billion in Loans: Report

A new report from credit assessment startup Graychain shows that demand for crypto loans is surging, but lenders aren't making much profit.

via coindesk08/07/2019

Standard Chartered Completes First Transaction on Oil Industry Blockchain Platform Voltron

Standard Chartered Bank has completed the first international letter of credit transaction on the oil industry blockchain platform Voltron.

via cointelegraph08/02/2019

MasterCard and Nexo Jointly Launch Crypto Credit Card

Instant crypto loans firm Nexo and international payment system corporation MasterCard are jointly launching a cryptocurrency credit card.

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