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via cointelegraph06/25/2019

French Central Bank: Facebook’s Libra May Need Banking License

The Bank of France Governor said that Facebook’s Libra must comply with anti-money laundering regulation and seek banking licenses if it offers banking services.

via cointelegraph06/25/2019

BTC, ETH, DAI Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps Launched By Liquality on Mainnet

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency solutions project Liquality has launched its interface for cross-chain atomic swaps between bitcoin, ether and stablecoin dai on the mainnet.

via coindesk06/25/2019

JPMorgan to Start Customer Trials of Its ‘JPM Coin’ Crypto

JPMorgan Chase is reportedly to start client trials of its "JPM Coin" cryptocurrency for intercompany remittances.

via coindesk06/25/2019

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: Bad for Privacy, Bad for Competition

Allowing Facebook to mint its own coin would turn it into the greatest monopoly in history, argues Signature Bank's chairman.

via livebitcoinnews06/24/2019

India Isn’t Laying Out the Red Carpet for Libra

Facebook’s Libra is set to hold records in the financial space, but there are already some areas and countries that don’t want it around. China and India Say “No” to Libra Among the areas that either won’t allow Libra or where the currency won’t be making an appearance are U.S. sanctioned countries, such as Iran,...

via livebitcoinnews06/23/2019

Mark Carney Is Carefully Considering Libra Currency

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has commented that the institution will be keeping an open mind regarding Facebook’s Libra Coin, but that it will not be keeping an “open door.” Carney: We’ll Examine Things, but We Won’t Approve Them Just Yet In other words, the bank is willing to remain open to Facebook Coin...

via bitcoinist06/18/2019

‘It’s Not a Blockchain’ – Why Gov’ts Could Ban Facebook’s Libra

On the day of its unveiling, Facebook’s cryptocurrency has already sparked forecasts that governments worldwide will ban it. Libra Heading For Crypto Blacklist? Libra, the protocol Facebook today revealed to the world via a somewhat clumsy website, will initially host a cryptocurrency of the same name. It will function as a value transfer system – a stablecoin – across Facebook’s family of social media platforms and messengers, and will be “easy” to cash out into

via coindesk06/25/2019

Swiss Central Banker ‘Relaxed’ About Facebook’s Libra Crypto

A Swiss central banker has suggested that Facebook's cryptocurrency project, Libra, is not ruffling any feathers with the regulator, Reuters reports. 

via cointelegraph06/25/2019

Bitcoin Doubters ‘Having a Hard Time’ Continuing Doubting, Says Nexo Exec

Bitcoin naysayers are having a hard time realizing that it’s here to stay, says Nexo cofounder Antoni Trenchev.

via coindesk06/24/2019

Scammers Target Libra Fans With Fake Sites, Zuckbucks

Buyer beware: the difference between ì and i can mean the loss of a few thousand dollars if you're not careful.

via livebitcoinnews06/24/2019

Australia’s Not That Crazy About Libra

Facebook’s Libra currency has provided the fodder for plenty of news as of late, and the data just keeps piling in. Australia’s Concerned About Libra Among the most common stories involve those who either do not fully trust Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans or are just in the early stages of considering them. Among these figures is...

via insiderpro06/24/2019

Cybersecurity Firm Detects Crypto Mining Malware on Android Devices

Preview TrendMicro, a popular cybersecurity company, has identified a malware that infects Android devices to mine cryptocurrencies.

via livebitcoinnews06/23/2019

Many Banks Are Scared to Death of Facebook Coin

With Facebook entering the cryptocurrency arena, many banks are worried that their days are numbered. Facebook Coin Is Scaring Traditional Banks Facebook Coin – or Libra as it’s called – is allegedly designed to serve as a means of payment for users who are seeking to garner the services and products they need to survive...

via bitcoinist06/18/2019

Facebook Unveils Wallet For Pseudo-Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ – Site Crashes

Facebook has finally unveiled its cryptocurrency offering, revealing a custodial wallet and making suspicious claims about what gives it value. Facebook To ‘Make Money Better’ As Website Crashes Dubbed ‘Calibra,’ the wallet will serve Facebook’s coin, which will be known as ‘Libra’ in line with previous hints surfacing in the press in recent weeks. The social media giant describes Libra as “a new cryptocurrency that will make money work better for all of us.” Calibra

via livebitcoinnews06/25/2019

Tron (TRX) Price Analysis: Primed To Surpass $0.0420 and $0.0440

Tron price regained strength and recently traded above the key $0.0358 resistance against the US Dollar. TRX price is now trading above the $0.0380 level and it may soon test the $0.0400 level. There is a rising channel in place with support near $0.0385 on the 4-hours chart (data feed via Bitfinex). The price is...

via livebitcoinnews06/25/2019

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Could Continue To Surge And Follow Bitcoin

Ethereum price climbed higher sharply and settled above the $300 level against the US Dollar. ETH price completed a downside correction near $300 and it is currently climbing towards $320. There is a major bullish continuation pattern forming with resistance near $316 on the 4-hours chart (data feed from Coinbase). The price is likely to...

via coindesk06/24/2019

Second US Congressional Hearing Is Scheduled on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee has scheduled a hearing on Facebook's libra cryptocurrency for July 17, one day after the Senate holds its hearing.

via insiderpro06/24/2019

Malta Prime Minister: Every Rent Contract in Malta Will be Registered on Blockchain

Preview According to the Prime Minister, the Maltese Government will now be showing people the added value of this technology by applying the technology to something which Malta's citizens will use in their daily lives.

via livebitcoinnews06/24/2019

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Rally Takes Break But Not Likely Over

Ripple price rallied sharply after it formed a support base above $0.4200 against the US dollar. The price surged above the $0.5050 level before it started a downside correction. There are two bullish trend line forming with support near $0.4420 and $0.4300 on the 4-hours chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Bittrex). The...

via bitcoinist06/19/2019

Japanese Watchdog Reports 69% Spike in Cryptocurrency Complaints

Japan’s consumer protection watchdog reports an increase in the number of inquiries submitted by cryptocurrency traders in 2018. More Consumer Queries About Cryptocurrency in 2018 In its report, the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) revealed that cryptocurrency-related queries totaled 3,657 cases. This figure constitutes a 69% spike from 2017’s figures which amounted to 2,166 cases. Despite the increase in the overall number, the year-on-year growth in the total number of complaints did decrease to 1.7x

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