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via cointelegraph03/07/2019

Credit Agricole-Backed Blockchain Startup Setl Files for Insolvency in the UK

Setl, a Credit Agricole-backed blockchain startup based out of the United Kingdom, has filed for insolvency.

via cointelegraph03/04/2019

Ridesharing App Lyft Partners With Blockchain Startup to Tokenize Healthcare Transport

Ridesharing app Lyft is partnering with Estonian blockchain startup Solve.Care to tokenize healthcare-related transport arrangements.

via cointelegraph02/28/2019

Big Four Auditor PwC Publishes Crypto Insolvency Guide, Cautions Directors

PwC has published guidance for financially distressed or insolvent businesses in the crypto sector.

via coindesk02/26/2019

SoftBank Eyes Blockchain to Solve Issues With Online Authentication

Japanese telco SoftBank is exploring blockchain tech as a way to improve upon current centralized and fragmented ID and authentication services.

via coindesk03/07/2019

Blockchain Firm SETL Seeks Buyer After Filing for Insolvency

Blockchain infrastructure provider SETL has filed for insolvency in the U.K., saying it's seeking a buyer for its CSD business.

via cointelegraph03/03/2019

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin: ETH Is a Solution to Bitcoin’s Limited Functionality

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin declared that he was trying to solve Bitcoin’s limited functionality with Ethereum.

via cointelegraph02/23/2019

Canadian Banks Wary of QuadrigaCX Assets’ Origins, Cite Money Laundering Concerns

Canadian banks showed hesitation concerning the management of insolvent cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX’s assets.

via ccn03/01/2019

Maduro Scoops 8 Tons of Venezuelan Central Bank Gold for Illegal $340 Million Cash Swap

Eight tons of gold has been taken out of the vaults of Venezuela’s central bank as tightening sanctions push President Nicolas Maduro to take extraordinary measures to remain solvent. Per opposition legislator Angel Alvarado and anonymous

via cointelegraph02/26/2019

QuadrigaCX Director Asks Court to Appoint Restructuring Officer

The widow of the founder of insolvent Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX told a Canadian court that “the public attention my role as director has brought is unwanted.”

3 weeks ago

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Bluzelle, How Blockchain Can Solve The World's Coming Data Management Problem | NEO DevCon 1

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The esteemed Albert Einstein would be proud... Einsteinium is definitely for real, and plays into what I like about some alt coins- they solve a problem or address ...

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Decred | Price Rise Coming! | Decentralized Exchanges! | Atomic Swaps

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Ethereum Raiden Network - Programmer explains

What is Ethereum Raiden and why is it being developed? How can it solve the Ethereum scalability issue?

7 years ago

Solving for equilibrium price and quantity mathematically

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Blockchain solutions are increasingly gaining popularity in the health sector


We're excited that we're now a part of Blockfolio Signal! You'll be some of the first to know about our latest projects and newest developments!


Solve.Care-Lyft partnership tops blockchain news in Fintech Times


You can now find our SOLVE token on Bitsdaq!


Woah, the news about Solve.Care is spreading like wildfire! Watch Altcoin Buzz covering the news about the recent partnership with Lyft.


After the announcement about our partnership with Lyft, millions have expressed interest in Solve.Care and our platform developed to improve access to healthcare for everyone. We've created a special playlist, where Pradeep Goel explains our structure, mission, and plans for the future


Bitcoin Exchange Guide on Solve.Care - Lyft partnership


SOLVE token is available on!


Changing medical transportation with Lyft The whole world is living in the era of innovation for global industries. And now we are excited to be working with Lyft to revolutionize the process of medical transportation for every patient, physician, employer, insurance, and government agency


CEO Goel brought Solve.Care's unique vision to Deltec Annual Conference


New article about Solve.Care is live on Forbes now! The word about the partnership with Lyft sounds loud and proud around the world. Forbes contributor Jefferson Nunn made an in-depth review of Care.Wallet solution and how the announced partnership with Lyft will affect the future of Solve.Care


CEO Pradeep Goel about the partnership with Lyft


Solve.Care & Lyft Partnership Helps You Schedule Rides To Hospitals, Pharmacies, And Doctors - LuvCrypto


BTCMANAGER about the partnership between Solve.Care and Lyft Read the full piece


Buckle up for the new era in medical transportation, as Solve.Care has partnered with Lyft for the first-of-its-kind convergence of blockchain, healthcare, and ridesharing!


Tomorrow at 8 AM GMT get ready for the amazing news from Solve.Care. Stay tuned!


Solve.Care is a top healthcare on blockchain project by Hackernoon


Watch the Q&A session with CEO Pradeep Goel live on Youtube!


Healthcare Analytics News posted the column by Dr. David Hanekom, CEO ACN, and Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel about the innovation of blockchain technology in healthcare and how it powers Care.Wallet


Don’t miss the chance to watch the live Q&A session with our CEO Pradeep Goel today at 7 pm GMT!


Live Q&A session with CEO Pradeep Goel


New version of Care.Wallet for Physician is launched for the 5,500 providers of Arizona Care Network!


Solve.Care’s key mission is to bring efficient, transparent and accessible healthcare to every patient and their loved ones. For the next three years we have a definite plan on how to achieve that goal


Global Coin Report shared their analysis of SOLVE token and the potential it has as a game-changer on the healthcare IT market


Apart from ACN, Solve.Care has other partnerships that help the company grow in the right direction