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via cointelegraph10/09/2019

Poloniex Delists Clams, Pascal, Steem, Navcoin, GameCredits and LBRY

Major crypto exchange Poloniex is delisting six digital currencies: Clams, Pascal, Steem, Navcoin, GameCredits and LBRY Credits.

via coindesk09/06/2019 Closes $1 Million Investment Round Led by Hashed provides data analytics for decentralized app products built on blockchains such as ethereum, EOS, tron, steem, and others.

via coindesk08/15/2019

Steemit to Automate Development Funding With New DAO

The blockchain project that focuses on monetizing social media sites is launching a DAO in its coming hard fork upgrade.

via bitcoinist03/29/2019

EOS’ Dan Larimer: I Could ‘Take Down’ Bitcoin, Ethereum

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Daniel Larimer has delivered an unusual threat to the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities, claiming he could overpower their blockchains. Larimer Takes Issue With Decentralization The increasingly controversial Larimer, a founder of decentralized applications platform EOS and social media network Steemit among others, made the comments during a social media exchange March 27. Both the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, he said, were vulnerable, claiming he could “take down” their decnetralized mining structures with relatively

via coindesk11/28/2018

Steemit Lays Off 70% of Its Staff, Citing Crypto Bear Market

"We've been forced to lay off more than 70% of our organization and begin a restructuring," says Steemit founder Ned Scott.

via ccn06/19/2018

EOS Freezes Seven Accounts Following Mainnet Snafu

EOS, an altcoin blockchain that was halted by a bug that prevented transactions two days after going live, has frozen seven EOS accounts that were subject to a phishing scam, according to a blog on a site called EOS42 on Steemit. Developers discovered the bug that caused the mainnet to pause unexpectedly on June 16

via cointelegraph09/11/2019

Updated Steemit Now Allows Steem Proposal Voting on

Media platform Steemit announced that fellow-Steemians can now vote for their favorite Steem proposals without leaving

via cointelegraph09/04/2019

Steemit Is Now Fully Operational Again After Chain Halted Due to Bug

Social media platform Steemit is back up and running after having suffered from a bug in the curations reward curve, which attempted to retrieve trillions in Steem.

via insiderpro01/13/2019

Hackers Dark Overlord Got Banned on Steemit. But Steemit is Decentralized! No?!

Preview The hackers announced the stolen materials will be published in five parts — in that case, if they get 2 million dollars in bitcoins from the online community.

via cointelegraph11/29/2018

‘Sounds Like Bitcoin’: New Token Concept From EOS’ Dan Larimer Fails to Win Fans

EOS and Steemit executive Daniel Larimer has revealed plans for a new currency-focused altcoin, but community responses have been harsh.

via cointelegraph11/29/2018

Decentralized Social Media Platform Steemit Lays Off 70% of Staff Following Market Crash

Decentralized social networking platform Steemit has laid off over 70 percent of its staff following the recent market crash.

via cointelegraph06/19/2018

Blockchain Network Takes on ‘Flawed’ Steemit by Offering Lifetime Earnings to Creators

An upcoming blockchain-based content rewards platform is challenging Steemit’s model by offering lifetime earnings on posts.

via insiderpro08/14/2019

Steemit to Experience Hard Fork on August 27

Preview The hard fork will allow Steem users to publicly propose work they are willing to do in exchange for payment in SBD.

via livebitcoinnews04/10/2019

Tron and EOS “Most Active” Networks for Dapps

Decentralized app explorer has released its latest report detailing the activity and appeal of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Tron, EOS and Steem. What’s Happening in the World of Dapps? According to the report, EOS and Tron are among the most “active” networks, though Ethereum is still the most popular when it comes to building...

via livebitcoinnews11/29/2018

Steemit Lets Go 70% of Staff Following Cost-Cutting Measures

Bridging the gap between social media and cryptocurrency is no easy feat. Several projects are trying to do so, yet they all face their own struggles. In the case of Steemit, it would appear a major reorganization looms on the horizon. As such, nearly 70% of the company’s current employees will be laid off. The...

via insiderpro11/29/2018

Steemit On the Edge of Closure

Preview Steemit layoffs almost 70% of its workers as market decline.

via bitcoinist07/10/2018

London School of Economics to Offer Online Cryptocurrency Course

The London School of Economics, a leading British research university with an esteemed reputation in politics and economics has taken a step into the world of cryptocurrency. According to reports the institution recently started offering an online course on digital currencies running under the name “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption.” The ABCs of Cryptocurrency The six-week course – whose first class starts in mid-August – is expected to provide students with practical knowledge on cryptocurrencies together

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