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via cointelegraph10/11/2019

How Severe Is Roche Freedman’s Lawsuit Against Tether and Bitfinex?

Litigation firms files lawsuit against Tether and Bitfinex, as legal experts debate whether the companies manipulated the value of USDT.

via bitcoinist10/08/2019

Tether Keeps On Printing, Unfazed by $1.4 Trillion Lawsuit

Tether keeps printing new USDT coins, despite facing a recent lawsuit with claims for $1.4 trillion. The stablecoin producer revealed several transactions that expanded the USDT liquidity. The recently launched class action lawsuit finally calls out Tether directly on what was only unofficially discussed on social media. USDT coins have been created and used with the intention to manipulate the crypto market, causing a larger bubble and a more damaging crash, the plaintiffs explained. Today,

via insiderpro10/08/2019

Crypto Traders File $1.4T Class Action Against Bitfinex and Tether

Preview A class action lawsuit against crypto exchange Bitfinex and stablecoin issuer Tether has been filed in the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York.

via coindesk10/07/2019

Crypto Traders’ Lawsuit Claims Bitfinex, Tether Cost Market Over $1 Trillion

Bitfinex and sister company Tether caused more than $1 trillion in damages to the crypto market, a new lawsuit claims.

via bitcoinist09/30/2019

Binance Axes BitTorrent Token (BTT) Trading Pair and 29 Others

Binance went on a delisting spree, going as far as to eliminate the BTT/BTC pairing. Binance culled 30 trading pairs in total, without removing the actual assets. Binance Removes Launchpad Token Pairs The most significant removal was for BitTorrent Token (BTT). Now, BTT only trades in pairs against stablecoins Tether (USDT), Paxos Standard (PAX), USDC and TrueUSD (TUSD). The other price discovery market is Binance Coin (BNB). For BTT, the removal of the BTC pair

via cointelegraph09/23/2019

Binance Lists Tezos With 3 XTZ Pairs — CEO Hints at Staking Soon

Binance announced the launch of three new trading pairs with Tezos, including Bitcoin, Tether and Binance Coin.

via cointelegraph09/12/2019

Tether Mints 300M USDT in Chain Swap, Corresponding Burn Still Awaits

Cryptocurrency transaction reporting service Whale Alert points out that Tether minted 300 million USDT in a protocol swap, but no burn has taken place.

via coindesk10/10/2019

Bitfinex Doesn’t Have to Compile Documents During Appeal, Judge Says

A New York judge has rejected the state attorney general's request to have Bitfinex and Tether compile documents about a loan during an ongoing appeal.

via cointelegraph10/09/2019

Binance Launches P2P Trading for Chinese Yuan

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance launches peer-to-peer trading for Bitcoin, Ether and Tether against the Chinese Yuan.

via insiderpro10/06/2019

Tether Expects 'Meritless and Mercenary' Lawsuit

Preview Stablecoin issuer Tether is expecting a controversial and mercenary lawsuit in the upcoming future.

via cointelegraph10/05/2019

Tether and Bitfinex Expect a Market Manipulation Lawsuit: Official

Tether and its affiliate exchange Bitfinex announce that they are prepared to fight lawsuits alleging that USDT is involved in market manipulation.

via cointelegraph10/02/2019

Chinese Bitcoin Investor: CNH Tether Avoids USDT Regulatory Risk

RenrenBit CEO Zhao Dong speaks about Tether’s yuan-backed stablecoin and its impact on Bitcoin and crypto startups in China.

via cointelegraph09/23/2019

Crypto Exchange OKEx Confirms Tether Margin Futures Launch in October

OKEx, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it plans to host Tether (USDT) futures margin trading starting in October.

via bitcoinist09/09/2019

Tether (USDT) Launches Digital Yuan Before PBoC

Controversial firm Tether Limited has announced that it is expanding its list of stablecoins by launching an offshore yuan-backed digital currency.  Tether Continues its March The Hong Kong company said in a short blog post that the new stablecoin, known as CNHT, would be pegged one-to-one to the offshore Chinese yuan. Like its popular stablecoin USDT, which is backed by the US dollar, CNHT would be issued as an ERC20 token atop the Ethereum blockchain.

via coindesk10/08/2019

Bitfinex Says It Shouldn’t Have to Collect Documents for NYAG During Appeal

Bitfinex and Tether say they shouldn't have to compile documents ordered by a New York court during an ongoing appeal.

via bitcoinist10/06/2019

Tether Expecting Lawsuit Based on New Market Manipulation Research

Tether posted a press release on their website today saying that they’re expecting lawsuits based on research they call “Meritless and Mercenary.” Tether has been under investigation by the New York Attorney’s General office for nearly six months now, with a deadline for the firm and Bitfinex to hand over documents come October 14th. Massive Spikes and Weird Correlations Tether has been subject to much scrutiny over the past few years as they continue to

via cointelegraph10/07/2019

Class Action Accuses Tether and Bitfinex of Market Manipulation

A New York-based legal firm filed a class-action suit against Tether and Bitfinex, accusing the firms of crypto market manipulation.

via bitcoinist09/30/2019

Blockchain Transparency Institute: 64% of Tether is Used For Fake Trading

The Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) has collected the evidence for a long-running suggestion – that Tether (USDT) is used deliberately to sway crypto markets. Wash trading was noted in 64% of all trading activity. 34% of Tether Trading is Genuine Recent research conducted by the Blockchain Transparency Institute has identified some alarming figures regarding the amount of wash trading that takes place among the leading cryptocurrencies. By calculating the disparity between the reported and adjusted

via insiderpro09/23/2019

OKEx To Launch Tether Margin Futures Next Month

Preview The Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange has announced it plans to launch a new investment instrument.

via bitcoinist09/17/2019

Will Tether’s 400M USDT Burning Lead Bitcoin to Crash?

400 million USDT vanished away yesterday at Tether Treasury, according to Twitter user Whale Alert. Many investors fear that a steep downtrend in Bitcoin price is just around the corner. Should We Expect a Bitcoin Crash? On September 16, the crypto community found out that Tether had burned about $400 million worth of USDT. The amount of burnt coins is considerable since the total supply of USDT is 4.1 billion at the moment, according to

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