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via insiderpro08/21/2019

Tether to Issue Stablecoin Pegged to Chinese Yuan

Preview However, it is expected that Chinese regulators will not be happy about it.

via coindesk08/21/2019

Tether to Issue Stablecoin Backed by Yuan in Belgian Bank: Insider

Tether is planning to issue a new stablecoin backed by Chiense yuan held in a bank in Belgium, says Bitfinex shareholder Zhao Dong.

via cointelegraph08/20/2019

Bitfinex and Tether Respond to New York Judge, Will Pursue Appeals

Bitfinex and Tether have acknowledged the judge’s decision not to dismiss their case due to a claimed lack of jurisdiction in New York but plan to appeal.

via cointelegraph08/12/2019

Current Tether Supply Suggests Bitcoin Price Is Correcting to $20,000

A prominent analyst believes Tether issuance and market cap are pretty good indicators of where Bitcoin price is headed.

via cointelegraph07/31/2019

Bitfinex, Tether Spent $500,000, Hired 60 Lawyers for Documents Order

Lawyers for Bitfinex, Tether and parent firm iFinex Inc. have said the respondents have already spent over $500,000 responding to document requests for their ongoing legal battle.

via coindesk07/30/2019

Millions in Crypto Is Crossing the Russia-China Border Daily. There, Tether Is King

Tether has a real-world use case: Chinese importers of cheap goods in Russia use it to send millions home daily.

via coindesk07/29/2019

Tether Stablecoin Launches on Blockstream’s Liquid Sidechain

A new version of the widely used but controversial stablecoin tether is launching on Blockstream's Liquid Network.

via cointelegraph08/23/2019

Research Suggests Tether Sentiment Could Provide Chance for Manipulation

New research from Augmento suggests a strong correlation between Tether sentiment and its market capitalization.

via cointelegraph08/21/2019

Tether Plans to Issue CNHT — A Chinese Yuan-Pegged Stablecoin

Tether is reportedly planning a Chinese yuan-backed stablecoin to meet the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in the country.

via insiderpro08/08/2019

80% of All Tether Tokens Are Owned by 300 Whales

Preview 318 addresses store at least $1M in Tether tokens.

via cointelegraph08/05/2019

Bittrex Crypto Exchange Transitions to ERC-20 Implementation of Tether

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has completed switching Tether from the OMNI-based implementation of the stablecoin to the ERC-20 one.

via insiderpro07/30/2019

NY Judge Puts Off Decision on Bitfinex and Tether's Case

Preview A NY court has decided to put off its decision on the investigation of crypto exchange Bitfinex and Tether's issuer for 90 days.

via cointelegraph07/30/2019

Bitcoin Lightning Network Works on Liquid Sidechain, Blockstream Confirms

CEO Adam Back explained users now have more options as a new update provides support for stablecoin Tether.

via coindesk07/29/2019

Judge Punts on Decision in New York Case Against Bitfinex and Tether

A New York judge has delayed making a decision on whether Bitfinex and Tether need to turn over documents to the state Attorney General.

via coindesk08/21/2019

Tether to Issue Stablecoin Backed by Chinese Yuan in Belgian Bank: Insider

Tether is planning to issue a new stablecoin backed by Chiense yuan held in a bank in Belgium, says Bitfinex shareholder Zhao Dong.

via bitcoinist08/02/2019

Is Liquid Tether a Libra Alternative or a Headache?

Tether’s (USDT) launch on the Liquid Network makes Libra obsolete even before it goes live, according to Samson Mow, chief strategy officer (CSO) at Blockstream. Liquid USDT Might Overshadow Libra At the end of July, Tether announced that it was launching on the Liquid Network sidechain, which was developed by Blockstream. Prior to that, the USD-backed stablecoin was residing on Bitcoin’s Omni Layer. Bitfinex already accepts deposits and withdrawals of Liquid-based Tether, called Liquid USDT.

via cointelegraph08/08/2019

Report: Around 300 Addresses Contain 80% of Tether Supply

Around 80% of Tether is reportedly held by about 300 whale accounts, suggesting a highly concentrated ecosystem.

via cointelegraph08/01/2019

NYAG Argues Against Continued Stay of Demands for Bitfinex

The New York Office of the Attorney General has filed a letter, arguing against Bitfinex and Tether’s request for a continued stay of demands.

via insiderpro07/30/2019

Blockstream and Tether Launch USDT on Liquid Network

Preview Tether has launched its stablecoin USDT on Blockstream's Liquid Network.

via cointelegraph07/29/2019

Tether Stablecoin to Run on BlockStream’s Liquid Network Sidechain

Tether is now being offering on Blockstream’s Liquid sidechain, which purportedly will allow for faster settlements and new trading options.

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