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via cointelegraph08/05/2019

Blockchain Delegates to Trump’s ‘Peace to Prosperity’ Event Sue Each Other

The founders of Orbs — the blockchain startup President Trump invited to his Middle East Peace Plan conference — have become mired in their own fraternal strife.

via cointelegraph07/25/2019

Brazilian Trade Official Says Tax Reform Will Lead to Evasion Via Crypto

The president of a major Brazilian trade association said that a proposed tax reform could invite people to turn to crypto to evade taxes.

via livebitcoinnews06/11/2019

New Details Emerge Regarding Sun-Buffett Lunch

Recently, Live Bitcoin News reported that Justin Sun, the creator and chief executive of popular altcoin network TRON, won a three-hour lunch with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. It’s been reported that he’s already invited three of potentially seven figures in the cryptocurrency space to join him: Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum (bitcoin’s primary...

via insiderpro06/03/2019

TRON Founder Pays $4.5M for Lunch with Warren Buffett

Preview In addition, Sun claims to invite to the $4.5m-cost lunch "blockchain industry leaders."

via bitcoinist07/19/2019

Another Crypto Bigshot Roped In For Buffett Lunch

Self-proclaimed ‘cryptocurrency influencer’ Justin Sun, has invited Circle CEO, Jeremy Allaire, to his $4.6 million charity lunch with Warren Buffett. Allaire will join Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee, and the Tron supremo in trying to sell notorious Bitcoin-sceptic Buffett on cryptocurrency. Sun Preparing For His Time In The Sun You may be forgiven for thinking that the Tron founder has been a bit quiet of late (assuming you don’t follow his Twitter feed). Sun excitedly announced

via cointelegraph07/21/2019

Number of Crypto Notables on Buffett Lunch Guest List Grows

Tron founder Justin Sun has invited more notable figures from the crypto space to a lunch with Warren Buffett.

via bitcoinist05/01/2019

John McAfee Summons Calvin Ayre After Bitcoin SV ‘Conman’ Comments

US entrepreneur turned presidential candidate John McAfee has invited infamous Bitcoin SV supporter Calvin Ayre for a face-to-face meeting following accusations he was a “conman.” Craig Wright To McAfee: ‘I Want You In Court’ The latest episode in the ongoing drama involving Bitcoin SV proponents, McAfee announced on social media that he was staying meters away from Ayre’s Antigua residence. The summons comes after Craig Wright, one of the co-founders of Bitcoin SV who alleges

via bitcoinist02/06/2019

Jack Dorsey Hints Bitcoin Lightning Payments Are Coming to Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has become the unlikely hero of Bitcoin social media after he joined the Lightning Network and said he would never own any altcoins. Jack Dorsey Joins Lightning Network In a tweet February 6, Dorsey confirmed his participation in the Lightning Network’s Torch initiative, a relay transaction started by a community member last month. Regular commentator Matt Odell invited Dorsey to send him an invoice via Lightning, which in turn would net

via coindesk07/21/2019

Tron’s Justin Sun Invites eToro Founder to Lunch With Buffett

Sun will sit down with Buffett, Circle's Jeremy Allaire, and Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of eToro.

via cointelegraph06/13/2019

Circle and Coinbase Invite More Members to Consortium Behind US Dollar Coin

Following Circle’s USD Coin launch in late 2018, the firm decided to expand its Centre consortium to more members.

via cointelegraph04/23/2019

Binance DEX Launches on Native Mainnet Earlier Than Planned, Invites Community Input

Binance has launched its decentralized trading platform just a week after launching its native blockchain.

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