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via insiderpro06/23/2019

Zcash to Introduce New Protocol Supporting Sharding Feature

Preview The Chief Engineer at ECC, Nathan Wilcox, claims the company intends to make zcash usable by 10 billion people by 2050.

via coindesk06/21/2019

At-Home Crypto Miner Coinmine Now Pays Out Bitcoin

The one-tap miner now supports ethereum, zcash, grin, and monero alongside BTC.

via cointelegraph06/11/2019

Ex-Employee Sues Zcash Operator in $2 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Stocks

Simon Liu variously alleges nonpayment and the lack of legal clearance for Zerocoin to offer common stocks.

via bitcoinist04/15/2019

Market Caps for Bitcoin and Altcoins Set to Test New Yearly Highs

2019 is looking up for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, with a new yearly high being put in on Apr 10.  The total cryptocurrency market capitalization has been on an absolute tear in recent months. Various altcoins — such as DASH (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), and others — saw their valuations spike ahead of Bitcoin’s newsworthy jump to $5000 on Apr 2. The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies reached over $186B five days ago. ‘A

via coindesk03/22/2019

You Can Now Donate to the Tor Project in 9 Different Cryptocurrencies

The Tor Project is now accepting crypto donations directly, taking bitcoin, ether, monero, zcash and 5 others.

via coindesk03/19/2019

Bitmain Launches New Zcash Miner Touting 3 Times More Hashing Power

Bitmain has unveiled a new miner for the privacy-oriented crypto zcash, which it says, has three times more hashing power than its predecessor.

via coindesk02/05/2019

Zcash Team Reveals It Fixed a Catastrophic Coin Counterfeiting Bug

The company behind the privacy-minded cryptocurrency zcash said Tuesday that it moved last year to fix a catastrophic bug that could have been used to print infinite coins.

via cointelegraph06/23/2019

Firm Behind Zcash to Introduce New Version of Protocol With Sharding

The Electric Coin Company, the firm behind second-biggest anoncoin zcash, is building a new scalable zcash blockchain.

via cointelegraph06/17/2019

Zcash Rolls Out New Software Client to Bolster Network Health

The Zcash Foundation has partnered with Parity Technologies to release a second software client for cryptocurrency Zcash.

via cointelegraph04/17/2019

Ripple’s Xpring and Firm Behind Zcash Among Investors in Privacy-Focused Crypto Startup

Xpring, the Electric Coin Company and Dekrypt Capital are investing in a startup that aims to make crypto payments quicker, less expensive and more private.

via coindesk04/12/2019

Zooko Wilcox Envisions ‘Ambitious’ Changes for Zcash Cryptocurrency

Founder and CEO of the Electric Coin Company Zooko Wilcox envisions zcash to change radically over the next five years, starting with "an ambitious scalability improvement."

via coindesk03/19/2019

Bitmain’s Latest Zcash Miner Claimed to Have Tripled Hashing Power

Bitmain has unveiled a new miner for the privacy-oriented crypto zcash, which it says, has three times more hashing power than its predecessor.

via bitcoinist01/26/2019

eToro Adds ZCash (ZEC) to Growing List of Altcoin Offerings

Social trading and multi-asset brokerage company eToro has added ZCash (ZEC) to its extensive list of cryptocurrency offerings — bringing the total number of said assets up to 14. Zcash is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency project not dissimilar to Bitcoin (BTC). Both projects share a total fixed supply of 21 million coins. Though transactions on the ZCash blockchain are transparent, the option exists to utilize a form of zero-knowledge proof called zk-SNARKs — the project’s claim

via cointelegraph02/05/2019

Zcash Vulnerability Permitting Infinite ZEC Counterfeiting Fixed and Disclosed

A vulnerability that could have permitted an attacker to coin infinite ZEC has been patched and disclosed by the company behind the coin.

via coindesk06/11/2019

Ex-Employee Sues Startup Behind Zcash for $2M Over Unpaid Stock

The plaintiff alleges Zerocoin did not have authority to issue common stock to employees when he was hired.

via coindesk05/13/2019

Ripple’s Xpring, Outlier Ventures Back $4 Million Raise for Agoric

Agoric, which is looking to build a smart contract-focused programming language, secured $4 million in backing from Ripple's Xpring, Zcash, and others.

via livebitcoinnews04/13/2019

Zcash: What Can Enthusiasts Expect?

What does the future hold for Zcash? A Currency Needs to Be More Than Private The asset is allegedly built with privacy in mind, offering more security for users than mainstream cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. The currency also has a fixed stash of roughly 21 million units and is trading higher...

via cointelegraph04/08/2019

Zcash Exercises Restraint as the Antminer Z11 Release Approaches

While Bitmain is releasing the second Antminer for mining ZEC, the Zcash team is not in a hurry to fork the network and join the ASIC resistance campaign.

via cointelegraph03/19/2019

New Bitmain Z11 Antminer Comes With Pledge to Preserve Values of Zcash

The new product comes as Bitmain continues to fight a market slowdown which has resulted in cost-cutting moves.

via ccn02/07/2019

$275 Million ZCash’s Fix of Deadly ‘Infinite Counterfeit’ Vulnerability Earns Praise from Edward Snowden

According to a disclosure made Tuesday by the development team behind ZCash, the most highly capitalized privacy-focused cryptocurrency (with a market cap in excess of $270M at the time of publication), has secretly fixed a critical security flaw in ZCash’s design, which was discovered by ZCash cryptographer, Ariel Gabizon, about a year ago. Last March while preparing a presentation for a cryptography finance conference the following day, Gabizon discovered a crucial flaw in the cryptographic functions underlying zk-SNARKS, an implementation of zero-knowledge proofs used by ZCash and other privacy coins to give users the option of greater privacy though true

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$111 Zcash ZEC Price Prediction (19 June 2019)

Why is ZEC mooning? 🤔 Full list of ZEC technical analysis: http://bit.ly/Zcash-ZEC-Playlist Use these 3 ========== Short with BitMax. http://bit.ly/Trade-BitMax ...