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AngelList Spin-Off CoinList Announces First Crypto Token Sale of 2019

Token launch platform CoinList is rolling out its first offering of 2019. Announced Thursday, Ocean Protocol, a decentralized data-sharing protocol, is aiming to raise $8 million at 25 cents a token. Registration for the sale opens March 1. It’s the first token sale on CoinList since July 2018, when Origin Protocol set out to raise …

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Brazilian Bank Aims to Raise $15 Million Through Security Token Offering

Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual is planning to raise millions of dollars through the offering of a security token tied to property assets.

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Dow, Bitcoin Bleed Lower as Weak Economic Data Saps Trade Deal Optimism

The US stock market endured steady losses on Thursday, leaving the Dow's eight-week winning streak on the ropes. The bitcoin price, meanwhile, continued to mount an unsuccessful push toward $4,000 that has left most crypto

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Spanish Telecom Giant to Trial Blockchain Consumer Data Marketplace

Telefonica is set to trial a decentralized data marketplace that lets users sell their personal information.

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QuadrigaCX Has Sent All Its Bitcoin and Ether to ‘Big Four’ Auditor EY

QuadrigaCX's "hot" wallets for bitcoin and ether have been nearly emptied, with the funds now held by court-appointed monitor EY.

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ConsenSys Backs Ethereum-Based Unlisted Infrastructure Investment Startup Allinfra

Blockchain tech company ConsenSys invests in startup Allinfra, which aims to tokenize the unlisted infrastructure area.

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Google Added the Bitcoin Symbol to Its iOS Keyboard

Google developers have added the Bitcoin symbol to the Google Keyboard on iOS devices.

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New Samsung Galaxy S10 Comes With a Crypto Wallet

Samsung released the much anticipated Galaxy S10 series yesterday and uncovered its main features.

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EOS Price Analysis: Poised To Break $4.00, Dips Remain Supported

EOS price rallied recently and broke the $3.05 and $3.50 resistance levels against the US Dollar. The price even spiked above the $4.00 resistance and it is currently consolidating gains. There is a short term breakout pattern forming with support at $3.80 on the hourly chart of the EOS/USD pair (data feed from Bitfinex). The...

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Ohio Eyes Potential Blockchain Benefits in Real Estate Transactions

County auditors in the U.S. state of Ohio have launched a study of the improvements blockchain might bring to property transfers.

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Major Cryptocurrencies See Green While US Crude Futures Hit New High for 2019

Bitcoin continues to trade at around $4,000, with other top 20 cryptocurrencies reporting marked gains.

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Cyprus to Regulate Crypto Under EU AML Policy

CySEC also wants to bring new activities, which are not included in EU policy.

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Almost Half of Millennials Trust Crypto More Than the Stock Market

Almost half of millennial online traders (individuals currently aged 21-38 years) have more trust in crypto assets than in the US stock market.

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Exciting News! For 40 Days, Bitcoin is in a Price High – Would it Hit 5,000 USD?

This month, Bitcoin’s path reached another breakthrough when on Tuesday the famous Cryptocurrency reached the 4,000 USD line — for the first time in more than 30 days. The Cryptocurrency exchange got in the US trading session on a downward trend, then quickly recovered and rose following its spike on February 8. Immediately past 2:40...

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Bitcoin (BTC) Nears $4,000 Mark as Bulls Remain Impatient

Bitcoin (BTC) has yet to make a decent showing following weeks of instability. In major markets around the world as of this writing, the premiere crypto is near the $4,000 mark at $3,900 although some exchanges have pegged it around $3,850. It’s rival Ethereum (ETH) likewise has to make an impression itself, with a so-so...

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Live From NEO DevCon: Top 5 New Features of NEO 3.0

In a packed conference room on a chilly day in Seattle, where NEO will be opening up their next NGD location, a community of blockchain enthusiasts, international media, and developers gathered together to hear about NEO’s upcoming plans–specifically, what’s going on with NEO 3.0–and when. The Goal of NEO 3.0 NEO co-founder, Erik Zhang, couldn’t attend the conference in person but delivered the details via video presentation.  Zhang revealed the lofty goal of NEO 3.0–to

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TomoChain Founder Hits Back at Vitalik – Says Ethereum in for a Tough Year

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is well-known for dismissing blockchain projects that claim high transaction speeds as “centralized” and unworthy. Long Vuong, founder of TomoChain (TOMO) has fired back with some criticism of his own. TomoChain Offers 1,000TPS Compared to Ethereum’s Double Digits The TomoChain network aims at being a public EVM-compatible blockchain with faster and cheaper transaction fees, among other features and promises. Except it isn’t all just hot air. Their network already boasts transaction

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Could Start Fresh Rally Above $124

Bitcoin cash price rallied recently and broke the $125 and $130 resistance levels against the US Dollar. The price traded as high as $131 and later started a downside correction. There is a crucial bullish trend line formed with support at $116 on the 4-hours chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The...

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93% of Ethereum DApps Had Zero Transactions Today

Ethereum has 40 times more developers than its closest peer. But 86 percent of ETH DApps had zero users today–and 93 percent had no transactions. Much of the Ethereum community shrugs off the fact that the price of ETH has been on a (pretty much) year-long freefall. After all, it’s not designed to be money anyway, but a developer platform with the largest number of DApps and developers in the industry. Is it not just

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‘Samsung Blockchain Wallet’ Will Tutor You to Store Your Bitcoin, Ethereum on Galaxy S10

The phrase “crypto wallet” has not been used during the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Fold at the electronics giant’s high-profile presentation in San Francisco on February 20. Instead, the company pushed the product

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Finney Smartphone Will Integrate Simplex

Sirin Labs — behind Finney, the world’s first blockchain-based smartphone — has teamed up with the online payments provider Simplex to bridge the gap between blockchain and the mass market.

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$430K in Confiscated Crypto to Be Sold Off by Irish Auction House

Cryptocurrencies seized by Belgian law enforcement from online drug dealers are set to be sold off by an Ireland-based auction house.

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Elon Musk Jokes about Giving Satoshi a Nobel Prize, Reveals Bitcoin Balance

Wall Street is abuzz with rumors that Apple might dip into its $245 billion war chest to purchase electric vehicle giant Tesla, but all Crypto Twitter wants to talk about is what Elon Musk thinks

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LA Kings Now Let Fans Verify Merchandise Using a Blockchain App

The U.S. ice hockey team has launched a blockchain-based app allowing fans to ensure their merchandise and memorabilia are the real deal.

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Sequoia India Leads $3 Million Round for Token Startup Tackling ‘Fake News’

Sequoia India has led a $3 million funding for Band Protocol, a startup that incentivizes reliable content producers with token rewards and staking.

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Korean Telecom Giant KT to Launch Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform in March: Report

The biggest telecom operator in South Korea says it wants to offer blockchain-based services for interested businesses.

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How Apple Lost Its Edge: ‘Most Innovative Companies’ Rankings Dethrones iPhone Maker from #1 to Dismal #17

It’s been a rough year for Apple. iPhone sales are down 15%. The stock price got crushed. And now the company has lost its top spot on Fast Company’s list of the 50 Most Innovative

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Pantera Has Already Raised $125 Million for Its Third Crypto Fund

A slide deck obtained by CoinDesk shows Pantera has secured the majority of its third venture fund, though the bear market has slowed progress.

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Bahrain’s Central Bank Launches Sandbox for Blockchain Companies: Report

Bahrain’s central bank is launching a regulatory sandbox to allow blockchain and crypto companies to work in the country, according to a gov’t official.

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Lithuania Greenlights Crypto Turnover

Updated Lithuania’s position regarding cryptocurrencies allows creating investment funds intended for professional investors that would invest in virtual assets.

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Binance Launches Binance DEX Testnet

Once Binance establishes that all functions on Binance Chain are running smoothly, the exchange will grow the DEX accordingly to include support for more wallets.

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Binance DEX Testnet Launches But Don’t Call It a Decentralized Exchange Yet

Binance has announced the much-anticipated launch of the testnet of Binance Chain and the decentralized exchange (DEX) built on top of it as Binance Coin (BNB) reached a new all-time high value trading against BTC. Binance Chain Testnet is Now Live In an official publication, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of traded volumes, announced that both Binance Chain and Binance DEX have entered their public testnet phase. This allows users to create their

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Bitcoin Contributes 95% Of BitPay’s Business, CEO Confirms

Bitcoin payment processor BitPay conducts almost all its business using Bitcoin (BTC), its CEO has revealed in a marked U-turn on previous claims. BitPay Drops Bitcoin Bashing Speaking during a recent panel, Stephen Pair discussed the recent hard fork activity around the Bitcoin blockchain as a result of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split last November. “95 percent of our payments are done in Bitcoin,” he said quoted on social media by commentator StopAndDecrypt. While the

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Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Preparing For Larger Bullish Breakout

Ripple price stayed above the $0.3025 and $0.3050 support levels against the US dollar. The last week’s highlighted crucial bearish trend line is intact with resistance at $0.3300 on the 4-hours chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Poloniex). It seems like the pair is forming a breakout pattern with resistance at $0.3350 and...

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JP Morgan’s Coin is Ridiculous, Says American Economist, Compares it to XRP

Known for having to be anti-Cryptocurrency, Nouriel Roubini Tweets about JP Morgan’s Coin, which says otherwise about his views on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. JP Morgan is a major American bank and financial institution. They recently introduced their JPM Coin, their own Cryptocurrency, that they claim is for payment transactions between their clients. In the US,...

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Stable Coins: The “Holy Grail of Cryptocurrencies”

In the middle of the Cryptocurrency industry meltdown in 2019, Bitcoin experienced a loss of more than 3-quarters of its value. This created a queue for enthusiasts to shift to so-called “stable” coins, which are deemed the utopia in the world of Cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a close look at stable coins: To be able to...

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JPMorgan Unveils First Bank-Backed ‘JPM Coin’ Cryptocurrency

International investment bank and notorious Bitcoin skeptic JPMorgan Chase will be the first US bank to issue its own cryptocurrency. JPMorgan: ‘Endless’ Use Cases For Cryptocurrency In a surprising move, Umar Farooq, head of JPMorgan’s blockchain operations, told CNBC trials of JPM Coin would start in the coming months and that three use cases had already emerged. “The applications are frankly quite endless; anything where you have a distributed ledger which involves corporations or institutions

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BitGo Adds Support for The MFG Token

On August 3rd, BitGo, a secure multi-signature cryptocurrency wallet platform for enterprises, had officially added support for SyncFab’s MFG Token.

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SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom to Build Blockchain Identity Platform

South Korea’s largest wireless carrier, SK Telecom, is partnering with the world’s fifth largest telecoms firm, Deutsche Telekom, to develop a blockchain-based identification solution.

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Big Four Firm KPMG Partners With Blockchain Co. Guardtime to Develop Tools for Businesses

The Big Four firm’s strategic partnership will enable the expansion of its blockchain offerings across its target markets.

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10 Reasons Bitcoin Will Party Like 2017 for a Massive Bull Run in 2019

Many are wondering if we're seeing the beginning of a 2019 Bitcoin bull run. After a bloody 2018 for the world's first and most highly valued cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is starting off 2019 with some major traction

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Ohio County Auditors to Explore Blockchain-Based Real Estate System

The County Auditors’ Association of Ohio has announced the formation of a working group to study the use of blockchain for the effective transfer of property deeds.

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Bernie Sanders Raises $5.9 Million in a Single Day as Trump’s Most Significant Challenger

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) is joining what is shaping up to become the most crowded and most diverse field of presidential candidates ever to be presented by the Democrat party, with the likes of Sen.

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Trump’s US Govt Shutdown Grounds Southwest Airlines as Q1 Revenues Fall $60 Million

Shares of Southwest Airlines fell sharply on Wednesday after the low-cost carrier disclosed that the government shutdown which lasted for 35 days had a larger impact than previously thought. In a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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Japanese Banking Giant Mizuho to Launch Its Yen-Pegged Stablecoin in March

Japan’s banking giant Mizuho Financial Group will launch its digital currency platform for payments and remittance services in March.

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Bitcoin Price ‘Bull Cross’ Points to Positive Market Shift

A much-followed bitcoin price indicator has turned bullish for the first time in seven months, indicating a trend change in the market.

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Blockchain in Health Insurance: More Accuracy, More Transparency and More Efficiency

How blockchain will make health insurance cheaper and more efficient.

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LA Kings Confirm Release of Blockchain Merchandise Authenticator

The hockey team’s blockchain tool is designed to track and confirm the authenticity of merchandise, including used items from games.

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BitGo Will Add Support for TRON

Fintech provider will provide wallet and custody support for TRX later this year.

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Elon Musk: “Bitcoin Is Quite Brilliant”

The founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX shared some remarks on cryptocurrencies as an alternative to conventional money.

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Coinbase Wallet Announced Bitcoin Cash Support

US-based crypto exchange Coinbase will add support for Bitcoin Cash on its wallet.

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Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH In Strong Uptrend, Sets Eyes On $160

Ethereum price rallied significantly and broke the $124 and $137 resistance levels against the US Dollar. ETH traded towards the $150 level and formed a new monthly high at $149. There is a key bullish trend line formed with support at $134 on the 4-hours chart (data feed from Coinbase). The current trend suggests more...

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Ripple CEO Explains Why He’s Not Bothered By JP Morgan’s Cryptocurrency

A Threat to Ripple? Ripple had an idea that JP Morgan, an international banking titan, had also made use of the Blockchain to conduct transactions from anywhere faster, cheaper and more efficient than conventional banking systems. JP Morgan has changed Ripple’s distributed ledger with the Quorum Blockchain that came from Ethereum and changed the XRP...

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XRP Ledger Version 1.2.0 Announced Following JPM Coin FUD Storm

On Feb 13, 2019, Ripple officially announced the release of XRP Ledger version 1.2.0.  The newest version of the ‘decentralized’ peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptographic ledger for XRP storage will boast the automatic detection of censorship attempts in addition to the automatic issuance of warnings. Explains the official announcement: One of the major benefits of decentralized blockchain technologies, such as the XRP Ledger, is censorship resistance. Already highly resistant to censorship attempts, with the release of version 1.2.0

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Ripple CEO Says JPMorgan’s ‘Cryptocurrency’ Misses The Point

JPMorgan is already facing severe criticism from the cryptocurrency industry just a day after it announced it would launch its own token, ‘JPM Coin.’ Garlinghouse: JPM Coin ‘Misses The Point’ The plan, which would ostensibly make JPMorgan the first US bank to issue a token with a verifiable use case, surprised commentators when executives revealed it to the press this week. “The applications are frankly quite endless; anything where you have a distributed ledger which

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Binance Chain Decentralize Exchange Testnet Will Launch Next Week

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, has revealed that the company is targeting February 20th as a release date for its decentralized exchange’s testnet. Binance Chain Testnet Coming Next Week Binance Chain, the decentralized exchange (DEX) of Binance, aims to launch its testnet to the public on February 20th. That’s what the company’s CEO stated in a tweet earlier today. Finally got a date. Targeting to release Binance Chain testnet ( for public testing on Feb