1 Month Left For Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple &Amp; Other Cryptocurrencies So Get Ready...

by Expert Advisor 201802/13/2018

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John McAfee Clif High Doug Casey Bitcoin Price Predictions 1MIL by 2020 Webbot Bitcoin, Monero

by Bitcoin Success02/19/2018

John McAfee Clif High Doug Casey predicts Bitcoin at 13888 by end of February and 60000 by Summer, 2018 and John Mcafee sees it at 100, 000K by ...well see it yourself. Don't forget to like...

2018 Ripple and Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction XRP Review &The Odd Cryptocurrency

by Special Reports02/19/2018

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BTC, ETH, NEO, BCH 🐎4 Horsemen | BK Crypto Bitcoin Prediction | Best Altcoin Trading Tutorial 2018

by Brandon Kelly Crypto Trader02/19/2018

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A NEW CRASH? Bitcoins Future & Price Prediction

by Practical Crypto Advice02/19/2018

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via cointelegraph02/18/2018

BitGrail Vs. Nano: Who Is Responsible For the $150 Million Theft?

Cointelegraph reached out to Nano and conducted an interview with its core team’s Troy Retzer to better understand the large-scale theft on the BitGrail exchange and provide insights into the matter.

via cointelegraph02/18/2018

Shark Tank’s Herjavec Thinks Bitcoin And Blockchain Are ‘Here To Stay’

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavic think that Bitcoin is here for the long term, that regulation is coming, and that investors should get in and get right out now.

via cointelegraph02/18/2018

How Will a $100 Mln Grant Help Ethereum Scale?

A $100 mln grant created by six large-scale Blockchain projects is expected to speed up the development of scaling solutions for the Ethereum Blockchain network.

via ccn02/19/2018

Canadian Bank to Offer Secure Vault for Cryptocurrencies

VersaBank Inc., Canada’s smallest bank in terms of assets, is responding to the need for digital asset security by creating a digital vault that will be available by June.

via coindesk02/19/2018

PC Giant Lenovo Seeks Blockchain Validation Patent

New patent filings from Lenovo indicate the technology company hopes to use a blockchain-based system for the authentication of physical documents.

via coindesk02/19/2018

The Real Problem With Nocoiners

What makes a nocoiner a nocoiner is not simply the absence of cryptocurrency from his investment portfolio, but his sanctimonious attitude about it.

via cointelegraph02/19/2018

Equity Markets vs. Cryptocurrency Markets: Weekly Performance Review, Feb. 10 – 16

Weekly analysis of the equity and cryptocurrency markets over the week.

via cointelegraph02/18/2018

Why Switzerland is Becoming a “Crypto Nation” with a Flourishing ICO Market: Expert Take

Swiss financial authority outlines a regulatory approach to ICO