Bitcoin All Coiled UP! March 2019 Price Predictions, News & Trade Analysis

by Krown's Crypto Cave03/12/2019

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LITECOIN and BITCOIN Critical Levels! litecoin bitcoin price prediction, news

by Crypto Savy03/27/2019

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🤯Will BTC Fall? 🤯3900 USD | Free Bitcoin Price Prediction Analysis | BK Crypto News HD 2019

by Brandon Kelly Crypto Trader -The Boss of Bitcoin03/26/2019

Today is March 26 2019 and we check out Bitcoin. The charts don't look that great and I think Bitcoin may fall for another drop to retest support around 3700.

Bitcoin Sell Off! What’s Next?!? Dow Theory Forecasts Clues! MASSIVE Universal Protocol Updates!

by Crypto Zombie03/26/2019

Will #Bitcoin continue it's sell-off? Dow Theory Forecasts vs $BTC chart, DragonEx hack, Rakuten Wallet, CoinMarketCap to alter metrics, LVMH blockchain, ...

LIVE Bitcoin Selling is BULLISH?! March 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

by Krown's Crypto Cave03/26/2019

Krown's Crypto Cave Discord - ***My fully comprehensive road map to becoming a COMPLETE Trading Boss! + VIP DIscord ...

via coindesk03/26/2019

Grin Cryptocurrency to Vote on Change to Hard Fork Roadmap

Grin developers are discussing potential changes to the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency's hard fork roadmap.

via cointelegraph03/26/2019

YouTube Reportedly Runs Malicious Ad for Bitcoin Wallet Electrum by Accident

Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube reportedly ran a malicious ad for the Electrum Bitcoin wallet by mistake.

via cointelegraph03/26/2019

Weiss Crypto Ratings Puts Bitcoin Aside EOS and XRP in Annual Outlook

Weiss Crypto Ratings puts Bitcoin in third place in its report dedicated to emerging trends in crypto markets for 2019.

via cointelegraph03/27/2019

Alleged CabbageTech Crypto Fraudster Indicted on Nine Counts

The operator of allegedly fraudulent crypto investment scheme CabbageTech has been indicted on nine counts of wire fraud by a U.S. District Attorney.

via cointelegraph03/27/2019

Report: Lazarus Hacker Group Adopts New Methods, Continues Targeting Crypto

The purported North Korea-backed hacker group Lazarus is still targeting crypto, while adopting new techniques, according to a new report.

via cointelegraph03/26/2019

Hershey Chocolate Company Joins Blockchain Advertising Consortium

American leading chocolate production company The Hershey Company has joined blockchain-based consortium AdLedger.

via insiderpro03/26/2019

LocalBitcoins Changes Its AML & KYC Policies

Preview In July 2018, the European Commission brought into force the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive which for the first time takes into consideration digital assets.

via cointelegraph03/26/2019

Crypto Analytics Firm Messari Introduces New Exchange Index Following Fake Volume Reports

Crypto research firm Messari has launched a new index of 10 cryptocurrency exchanges on its OnChainFX dashboard.