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Whats been going on with BTC, and LTC, lets take a look Live stream! BITCOIN and LITECOIN. Don't forget to help the channel out by checking out the ...

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Bitcoin $9500 or $11500 FIRST?! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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Number of Crypto Notables on Buffett Lunch Guest List Grows

Tron founder Justin Sun has invited more notable figures from the crypto space to a lunch with Warren Buffett.

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Litecoin and the Miami Dolphins Join Hands Over Charity

Who would have known American football and cryptocurrency would go so well together? In a press release, The Miami Dolphins football team has announced that the official currency representing them will be Litecoin. In other words, customers can now utilize Litecoin tokens to purchase official items and merchandise associated with one of the most recognized...

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Hodler’s Digest, July 15–21: Libra Special! Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUDs of the Week

U.S. politicians tell a Facebook exec that Libra endangers Americans more than 9/11, BitMEX lands in hot water and Vitalik Buterin reveals his big idea for Ethereum.

via coindesk07/22/2019

Libra’s Biggest Problem

Facebook's Libra is trying to simultaneously be pro-privacy and pro-KYC; this forms an inherent contradiction.

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Blockchain Project Aims to Apportion and Tokenize the Moon

A new blockchain project has launched a registry that would divvy up and tokenize portions of the lunar surface.

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Iran Finalizes Electricity Pricing Scheme for Cryptocurrency Miners

The Iranian Economic Commission has reportedly finalized a power pricing scheme for cryptocurrency miners.

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Libra Is Already More Well-Known Than Most Mainstream Crypto

When are people going to wake up about Libra?  Libra Is a Scary Thing, People! Seriously, this is a cryptocurrency being developed by a company that has shown several times it doesn’t care about people’s privacy or well-being. If it can sell your information to third parties and get away with it, it will. This...

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European Central Bank Exec: Libra Won’t Launch Until Regulators Are Satisfied

Benoit Coeure of the European Central Bank said that Libra cannot launch until regulators are satisfied it is safe.