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Bitcoin Gold BTG Price Prediction (14 Aug 2019)

by SkinnyMoonHunter08/14/2019

We're still expecting to hit our targets. Full list of BTG technical analysis: Use these 4 ========== Short with Huobi.

BTC broke out! Bitcoin and altcoins price prediction (Episode 4) | 221 gt

by 221 GT08/11/2019

n this video I talk about the cryptocurrency and bitcoin price prediction, I'll use technical analysis in order to make prediction. I will look over coinmarketcap and ...


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Note : This channel is for educational and opinion purposes only and is not financial advice. Please Support small tip : Btc ...

URGENT: SECRET BITCOIN PATTERN EXPOSED (btc crypto live prediction analysis news price today 2019 ta

by Crypto Crew University08/07/2019

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ING Poll: Austrians Are Most Skeptical of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Online survey by ING shows Austrians are the most skeptical towards cryptocurrency.

via coindesk08/14/2019

Messages Proving Wright Created Bitcoin Likely ‘Faked,’ Developer Testifies

In a July 24 court hearing, Jonathan Warren confirmed it is easy to back date messages to alter dates and times.

via cointelegraph08/14/2019

Bitcoin Is a Geopolitical Turmoil Indicator, Says Market Researcher

Bitcoin is a geopolitical turmoil indicator, according to co-founder of market research firm DataTrek Research, Nicholas Colas.

via cointelegraph08/14/2019

New England Firm Settles with SEC Over Allegedly Unregistered $6.3M ICO

The United States SEC has settled with a New England-based firm for an allegedly unregistered $6.3 million initial coin offering.

via coindesk08/14/2019

Meet FumbleChain, the Deliberately Flawed Blockchain

There's a new blockchain for developers to break at will. The "capture the flag" project from Kudelski Security is meant to educate.

via coindesk08/14/2019

Blockchain Firm Settles With SEC Over Unregistered $6.3 Million SAFT

A healthcare-focused blockchain firm has settled with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over its 2017-2018 SAFT offering.

via insiderpro08/14/2019

Facebook Pays Hundreds of Contractors to Listen to Users' Voice Messages

Preview The social network has been paying contractors to transcribe voice messages from Messenger users.

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R3’s Marco Polo Trade Blockchain Takes Another Step Toward Production

The trade finance blockchain platform has passed another milestone in its development, with a successful pilot of real-time payment triggers.