🚀BITCOIN FUELING UP FOR NEXT RALLY!?🚀btc ltc price prediction, analysis, news, trading

by Crypto Savy08/08/2019

BITCOIN FUELING UP FOR THE NEXT RALLY!?!, Lets take a look at the bitcoin and litecoin charts, Let me know what you think in the comment section below!


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🔥Bitcoin and Litecoin update! Scared yet?🔥btc ltc price prediction, analysis, news, trading

by Crypto Savy08/15/2019

Bitcoin and Litecoin update, are you scared yet? Is it really that bad?, I LOVE THE FEAR, JUST MAKES ME EVEN MORE BULLISH!!! Don't forget to help ...

😨BITCOIN and LITECOIN, WHAT NOW !?😨 btc ltc price prediction, analysis, news, trading

by Crypto Savy08/14/2019

BITCOIN and LITECOIN, What Now!?!? Is it doom and gloom? Lets look at some key areas to watch and see how this plays out!! Don't forget to help the ...

🌟Crypto Savy Live Stream🌟bitcoin litecoin price prediction, analysis, news, trading

by Crypto Savy08/14/2019

Bitcoin and Litecoin, Light at the end of the tunnel? or doom? Lets take a look at the charts! Don't forget to help the channel out by checking out the affiliate ...

via cointelegraph08/15/2019

Ripple’s Xpring Gives $265 Mil in XRP to Content Platform Coil

Content monetization platform Coil receives 1 billion XRP grant from Ripple’s Xpring initiative.

via cointelegraph08/15/2019

Understanding Litecoin’s Dusting Attack: What Happened and Why

Two weeks after the Litecoin halving, the network experienced a major dusting attack, which sources say might have affected around 200,000 wallets...

via coindesk08/15/2019

Crypto Price Betting Game MoonRekt Now Allows Bitcoin Wagers

MoonRekt players now get to stake the crypto they're betting on: bitcoin.

via cointelegraph08/15/2019

Institutional Crypto Lending Platform Receives Gibraltar DLT License

Institutional crypto lending platform Lendingblock gets regulatory approval as a DLT provider in Gibraltar.

via coindesk08/15/2019

Join Us Tomorrow for Our First On-Tap Reader Meetup in Buenos Aires

We will be visiting Buenos Aires tomorrow to talk crypto and share a few cervezas. Please join us.

via coindesk08/15/2019

New Malware Miner Sneakily Hides When Task Manager Is Open

Meet "Norman" – a new variant of monero-mining malware that employs crafty tricks to avoid being spotted.

via cointelegraph08/15/2019

Leading Latin America Investment Bank Joins Distributed Ledger Group

BTG Pactual, the leading Latin America investment bank, joined the organizing committee of the Post-Trade Distributed Ledger Group.

via coindesk08/15/2019

Crypto Miner Company CoinMine Scores $2.5 Million in Seed Round

The round was led by M13 Ventures, Republic Labs, Gumi Crypto and an early Uber investor Shervin Pishevar.