Bitcoin & XRP technical analysis price forecast 02 December 2018

by ALL IN TRADE12/02/2018

Bitcoin & XRP technical analysis price forecast 02 December 2018 Hello! I make Bitcoin, XRP (Ripple) & other crypto technical analysis price predictions based ...

Can This Line Save Bitcoin Like It Did In 2015? | XRP & Ethereum Technical Analysis

by The Moon12/11/2018

BitMEX Affiliate Link 10% Off: Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll do some altcoin techncial analysis on ...

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Future Predictions Year 2019 Bitcoin XRP ETH ADA

by Cryptocurrency Youtuber12/10/2018 In this episode of crypto clout our friend faze crypto talks about the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Future Predictions for the futuristic Year ...


by HueFin News12/10/2018

HERE IS OUR XRP 2-MINUTE PRICE PREDICTION. It's time to stop the confusion. Join Us!!! Follow us on Twitter ...

Bitcoin & XRP Ripple Insider bullish signal bull run comes?

by ALL IN TRADE12/10/2018

Bitcoin & XRP Ripple Insider bullish signal on charts bullrun comes Trade here "Binance" Hello! I make Bitcoin, XRP ...

via cointelegraph12/12/2018

India’s Telecom Regulator Completes Mobile Blockchain Pilot with IBM

India’s telecom regulator and telecom firms completed blockchain tests with IBM to improve mobile network data records.

via cointelegraph12/12/2018

Developers Test Cross-Blockchain Protocol for One-Way ERC20-Bitcoin LN Atomic Swaps

An R&D lab at crypto startup TenX has demoed the use of its cross-blockchain protocol to transfer ERC20 tokens for Bitcoin (BTC) using the LN.

via cointelegraph12/12/2018

Denmark Targets 2,700 Bitcoin Traders for Tax Payments After Tip-Off From Finland

Danish authorities are going after those who traded Bitcoin for profit but did not yet declare the extra income.

via cointelegraph12/12/2018

Crypto Exchange Coincheck’s Owner Monex to Launch Crypto Trading in US starting Q1 2019

John Bartleman, a president of Monex’s U.S. subsidiary TradeStation, has announced a crypto trading launch in the U.S. starting Q1 2019.

via insiderpro12/12/2018

Key Facts of the Past 12 Hours - 12.12

Preview News and crypto rates update from the past hours to keep you informed and up to date with the latest events that shape up the cryptocurrency world.

via cointelegraph12/12/2018

Report: Financial Criminal Allegedly Revealed as Figure Behind ‘Blockchain Terminal’ ICO

The man behind the “Blockchain Terminal” ICO has been ousted as a convicted financial criminal who concealed his former identity.

via cointelegraph12/12/2018

‘The Power of 1,000 Whales in Your Wallet’ — Crypto Platform’s Promise to Newbie Traders

A new crypto platform is offering “the power of 1,000 whales” to inexperienced traders — allowing them to copy trades made by the market’s movers and shakers.

via insiderpro12/12/2018

Americans Wanted to Know How to Buy Bitcoin and Ripple in 2018

Preview “How to buy Bitcoin” and “How to buy Ripple” witnessed a spike in search traffic this year, according to Google.