Companion Video--"Surviving & Thriving in a Financial Crisis as an XRP Investor!"

by Digital Nomad Investor06/09/2019

A condensed video about the US dollar losing its status as the global reserve currency and resulting fall out and where XRP may be inserted as part of the new ...

Ripple Is Part Of The New World Order. The Ripple XRP Revolution.

by Ayden Trading06/13/2019

my twitter nano ledger, keep your crypto safe. No finacial advice is given. It is simply opinion and ...

via cointelegraph06/19/2019

TRON Announces MainNet Upgrade Designed to Enhance Security and Convenience

TRON announces incoming MainNet upgrade, Odyssey v3.6, promising a more lightweight server among other developments.

via cointelegraph06/18/2019

Brazilian BTC Exchange Faces Numerous Lawsuits From Clients Unable to Access Funds

Bitcoin Bank Group faces numerous lawsuits from customers unable to withdraw funds from its cryptocurrency exchange, BBG claims delays are due to malicious activity.

via cointelegraph06/18/2019

Litecoin Foundation to Release Physical Cryptocurrency Debit Card

The Litecoin Foundation has announced a partnership with Bibox Exchange and blockchain firm Ternio to release a physical cryptocurrency debit card.

via cointelegraph06/18/2019

Chair of House Financial Services Committee Requests Halt on Facebook’s Crypto Project

Leader of House Financial Services Committee Requesting Halt, Hearings on Facebook’s Libra.

via cointelegraph06/18/2019

IBM Announces New Multicloud Update to Blockchain

IBM has announced updates to its Blockchain Platform, designed to support greater use across diverse networks.

via livebitcoinnews06/18/2019

Libra and Privacy: Is Facebook Trying Too Hard?

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook… It was once a social media platform meant to give old friends an opportunity to reunite, but now, whenever you look up cryptocurrency news, it seems to dominate the field. Facebook and Crypto: Still a Strange Match The company has announced its Libra Network for the first half of 2020, which will...

via coindesk06/18/2019

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Is a Nail in the Coffin for ‘Blockchain Not Bitcoin’

Edan Yago is the founder of CementDAO, an effort to bring together stablecoins into a unified ecosystem. The views expressed here are his own. With the announcement of Libra, cryptocurrency has entered the big leagues. Facebook’s entry into this market means every single company now has to take cryptocurrency seriously. Companies around the world are …

via cointelegraph06/18/2019

Italy’s Banks to Use Blockchain to Boost Settlements and Improve Transparency

Italian banks will deploy blockchain technology to run reconciliations and improve transparency in transactions between banks.