Congress Woman Says Everything Else Except Ripple XRP. XRP Dropped To .35 Cents.

by Ayden Trading07/10/2019


Fed Chair Jerome Powell Delivering A Speech. Ripple And XRP. Senate Holds Hearing On Libra! #XRP

by Ayden Trading07/16/2019

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"XRP Nightcap with DNI" EP. #80

by Digital Nomad Investor07/16/2019

We talk about XRP, Steve M. US govt. press conference, aliens, and more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for ...

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Holds a News Conference on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, XRP And Libra.

by Ayden Trading07/15/2019

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XRP Price Prediction 2019 Ripple XRP Technical Analysis XRP Chart Analysis

by Edgy07/15/2019

Hello dear XRP traders, HODLers and everyone else, welcome to this Ripple price prediction 2019, hope you're doing well guys. With grandpa BTC correcting, ...

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Bitcoin Below $10,000, Down 26.6% in 7 Days: What Caused the Pullback?

The price of Bitcoin has dropped below $10,000 in a sharp pullback. Analysts discuss where the market is headling and the factors of the drop.

via cointelegraph07/16/2019

US Rep. Kevin McCarthy Praises Bitcoin while Criticizing Libra

United States House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy praised Bitcoin while criticizing Facebook’s Libra stablecoin.

via livebitcoinnews07/16/2019

Tom Lee: Bitcoin Will Surge Over the Next 4 Months

At press time, bitcoin is below $10,000 and trading for just over $9,600. This is the second time this month the currency has hit such a low level. In addition, the currency has fallen by roughly $1,200 since late last night when it was trading for just shy of $10,900.  Bitcoin Just Keeps Tumbling In...

via cointelegraph07/17/2019

IBM Triples Number of Blockchain Patents in US Since Last Year

IBM has tripled the number of blockchain-related patents it holds in the U.S. this year, dwarfing other US blockchain bulls.

via cointelegraph07/16/2019

Share Internet Data Launches Banking App in Tandem With LDJ Capital

Internet crowdsourcing company Share Internet Data has partnered with LDJ Capital to incorporate a banking solution into its Internet-sharing platform.

via cointelegraph07/16/2019

Polkadot Introduces Its Experimental Version Dubbed ‘Kusama’

Polkadot introduces the experimental version of new protocol Kusama in anticipation of full launch later this summer.

via coindesk07/16/2019

Bitcoin Noticeably Absent From Senate Hearing on Facebook’s Libra

For a panel about a proposed cryptocurrency, Tuesday's Senate Facebook hearing was light on actual crypto talk.

via coindesk07/16/2019

Cuba Libra? Island Nation Slowly Explores Cryptocurrency Options

Cuba highlights the difference between bitcoin and corporate token projects like Facebook's Libra.