Crypto Savy LIVE STREAM Tonight 6 p.m. Eastern Time, btc ltc price prediction, analysis

by Crypto Savy07/05/2019

Bitcoin and Litecoin live stream, talk Crypto and anylize the market and our thoughts, talking about where we could be headed! Don't forget to help the channel ...

$121 Bitcoin SV BSV Price Prediction (15 July 2019)

by SkinnyMoonHunter07/15/2019

We've been hitting target after target and we've still got 1 more left. Full list of BSV technical analysis: Use these 3 ...



$291 Bitcoin Cash BCH Price Prediction (15 July 2019)

by SkinnyMoonHunter07/15/2019

Woo hoo! We've hit Target 1 and Target 2! Congratulations to everyone who joined us for the trade. Full list of BCH technical analysis: ...

$88 Litecoin LTC Price Prediction (15 July 2019)

by SkinnyMoonHunter07/15/2019

We think LTC is still not done yet for BTC as we see potential. Of course, we could be wrong though. Full list of LTC technical analysis: ...

via cointelegraph07/15/2019

Bitcoin Price Clings to $10K Support After a Volatile Weekend

BTC price fell to just $9,912 as traders warned a close below $10,580 could spell the start of a longer bearish downturn.

via coindesk07/15/2019

What Trump’s Bitcoin Tweet Changes

Donald Trump took aim at bitcoin last week. He also kicked off a whole new phase in bitcoin's mainstream moment.

via coindesk07/15/2019

Below $10K: Bitcoin Price Drops $1.4K in 24 Hours to Hit 2-Week Low

The cryptocurrency markets fell sharply on July 14 after bitcoin endured a $1400 sell-off, denying the bulls a chance to revisit 2019 highs.

via insiderpro07/15/2019

Bitpoint Finds $2.3 Million in Stolen Cryptos

Preview The cryptocurrency exchange, which last week was attacked by a hacker or group of hackers, has managed to recover part of the stolen funds.

via coindesk07/15/2019

UK Announces ‘Dirty Money’ Crackdown, Including Tougher Crypto Regime

The U.K. government has drawn up an action plan aimed to combat financial crimes that it says will include a new regime for crypto assets.

via insiderpro07/15/2019

U.S. Lawmakers Want to Ban Tech Companies From Issuing Cryptos

Preview U.S. lawmakers are working on a bill aimed at preventing big tech companies like Facebook from issuing their own cryptocurrencies.

via coindesk07/15/2019

Hacked Crypto Exchange Bitpoint Discovers More Millions Are Missing

After a $30-million hack last week, Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint says it's discovered that another $2.3 million is missing. 

via coindesk07/15/2019

US May Bar Large Tech Firms From Issuing Cryptocurrencies

Lawmakers in the U.S. are discussing a bill that seeks to prevent large technology institutions in the country from issuing cryptocurrencies.