DNI Bonus Video "Coping Strategies for an XRP Bear Market!"

by Digital Nomad Investor07/07/2019

I share my tips, techniques, and strategies for dealing with the low price action of XRP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for ...

"XRP Nightcap with DNI" Ep. #79

by Digital Nomad Investor07/13/2019

We explored the Trump Tweets as it applies to XRP! All good! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for XRP ...

When to BUY CHAINLINK (LINK) for another 200% Breakout?

by Rockstar Trading07/12/2019

When to BUY CHAINLINK (LINK) for another 200% Breakout? - Chainlink is a Decentralized Oracle Network that is getting a lot of hype. ChainLink recently ...


by cryptocurrency news07/12/2019

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by Games Z Crypto07/12/2019

Daily Market Updates. My channel includes discussion about stock market , forex & Crypto . This channel is for educational and opinion purposes only and is not ...

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Ethereum-Based Augur Enhancement App Veil Closes Up Shop

Veil, an Ethereum-based predictions platform using the Augur marketplace, has shut down.

via livebitcoinnews07/12/2019

Yikes! Trump Crypto Comments Lead to “Mad Gab”

Uh-oh. It looks like President Donald Trump has angered a few people following his recent statements regarding cryptocurrency. Trump Rubs Some People the Wrong Way On Twitter, the President suggested that all crypto assets were not money, and that the U.S.’s only true currency was USD. Trump was particularly cold towards both bitcoin and Libra...

via cointelegraph07/12/2019

Co-Founder of Now-Defunct BitFunder Gets 14 Months Imprisonment

The co-founder of defunct Bitcoin exchange BitFunder has received 14 months imprisonment in connection with federal charges of obstruction of justice and securities fraud.

via cointelegraph07/13/2019

Brazilian State Launches Blockchain Platform for Government Contract Bids

The Brazilian state of Bahia announced an agriculturally-focused blockchain app, designed to make bidding for government contracts transparent.

via coindesk07/12/2019

Crypto Prediction Market and Derivatives Platform Veil Is Closing

Veil launched six months ago with an Auger protocol to make decentralized predictions on real world events.

via cointelegraph07/12/2019

Ethereum Co-Founder Mihai Alisie Concerned Over Libra Centralization

Ethereum co-founder Mihai Alisie has spoken up on his concern that Libra is, and will potentially remain, a centralized digital currency.

via insiderpro07/12/2019

Mark Cuban: Libra is a Big Mistake

Preview Cuban pointed out thank in a global perspective there're many countries where there isn’t a lot of rule of law, and, therefore, it [Libra] could be dangerous.

via coindesk07/12/2019

CEO of BitFunder Exchange Gets 14 Months in Prison for Fraud, Obstruction

The operator of BitFunder and WeExchange will serve 14 months in prison after defrauding investors and misrepresenting a hack.