Ethereum Classic 51% Attack! CES 2019 Talks About Crypto!

by CryptoData01/08/2019

In this video I talk about the recent 51% attack on Ethereum Classic and the coverage of crypto at CES 2019! I also cover some Bitcoin analysis along with key ...

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Op-ed: Would a Global Recession be Good for Bitcoin?

There is a belief among some in the cryptosphere that a global recession or cataclysmic events are bound to imbue the populace with a sudden desire for cryptocurrencies.

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JPMorgan Takes Another Shot at Bitcoin, Claims Mining Isn’t Worth the Value of the Cryptocurrency

A report by JPMorgan suggests that for over four weeks during the fourth quarter, bitcoin’s market price was lower than its mining costs on average.

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Exclusive: $630 Million Cryptocurrency Dash Releases ‘Biggest Upgrade’ Since Governance System

In this exclusive article, Dash reveals its Evolution 0.13 upgrade and CTO Bob Carroll explains why it's taken them so long.

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Crypto Critic Nouriel Roubini: Blockchain is ‘No Better Than an Excel Spreadsheet’

Nouriel Roubini, one of the most notorious cryptocurrency critics, has stated that blockchain is “no better than an Excel spreadsheet.”

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Bitstamp Partners with Swiss Online Bank

Preview Dukascopy Bank is considered to be as one of the leading Swiss online banks.

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Donald Trump Initiated the Dumbest, Most Scripted, Fake Government Shutdown In History

By Friday Donald Trump announced the government would reopen for three weeks, giving federal employees a reprieve from the month-long government shutdown, which has been the longest in history. It may be that the federal government’s credibility has been permanently damaged by the partisan dysfunction that left 800,000 federal employees without pay for a month

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Chinese Blockchain Rankings Released: EOS Still First, Ethereum Second, Bitcoin 15th

China has released its latest government-sponsored rankings of major cryptocurrencies, placing Bitcoin in 15th, while EOS keeps its top spot.

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Piece of Cake: Cryptocurrency ATM Stolen in Bakery Break-In

Crypto thieves have stolen a cryptocurrency ATM machine from teh Belwood Bakery in Los Angeles in an audacious robbery attempt.