Ethereum Price Prediction | Experts Believe Price Will Surge?

by HueFin News08/10/2019

Ethereum price prediction - Experts Believe Price Will Surge...Why? It's time to stop the confusion. Join Us!!! Join This Elite Group - Sign Up Here: ...

Ethereum Classic (etc) price prediction | Ethereum Classic (etc) EVM-LLVM IS COMING TO ETC #bitcoin

by Live Day Trader08/30/2019

(note) no voice - only straight point Note - This channel is for educational and opinion purposes only and is not financial advice. Please Support small tips : Btc ...

BITCOIN PRICE PLUNGES $1,000!!! | Is $8,500 Next!? | $90 Ethereum Price Target!!

by Crypto News Alerts08/29/2019

Bitcoin price plunges $1000 falling under $9500 in just a few hours as Max Keiser gives $90 Ethereum price target. The turbulence began late on Wednesday, ...

Bitcoin vs Ethereum Which Should You Buy in 2019

by Stephen Mercer08/28/2019

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: what's the difference, and which one should you buy in 2019? Everything you need to know about investing in BTC vs ETH! Let Us Build ...


by HueFin News08/25/2019

Quick video on Ethereum's price prediction. It's time to stop the confusion. Join Us!!! Join This Elite Group - Sign Up Here: Follow us ...

via cointelegraph08/30/2019

German Cabinet and Bundesbank Are in Close Communication on CBDC Issues

The Cabinet of Germany answers a request from the parliamentary group at the Free Democratic Party regarding central bank digital currencies.

via cointelegraph08/30/2019

Germany’s Bitwala Launches All-In-One Mobile Bitcoin Bank App

Bitwala launches smartphone Bitcoin banking app for customers in 30 European countries.

via cointelegraph08/30/2019

Kleiman Files — Craig Wright Controversy Gets Complicated

Craig Wright has been ordered by a U.S. court to hand over more that 500K of his Bitcoin holdings to David Kleiman’s estate. Will the market survive?

via cointelegraph08/30/2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports Stablecoins: TrueUSD, Maker, USD Coin

Following integration with major cryptos, Samsung Galaxy S10 now supports major stablecoins such as TUSD, MKR and USDC.

via cointelegraph08/30/2019

Super-Rich Indians Choose Bitcoin Over Altcoins for Investment: Poll

The super-rich in India prefer Bitcoin to altcoins as one in ten plan to invest in cryptocurrency, according to a new survey.

via insiderpro08/30/2019

China's CBDC Will Be Transferable Without a Bank Account

Preview Users will be able to transfer China's upcoming CBDC without a bank account.

via coindesk08/30/2019

Zcash Developer Electric Coin Co. Reveals Q1 Financial Loss

The for-profit arm supporting zcash has issued a new report saying it avoided layoffs throughout the bear market despite being in the red.

via bitcoinist08/30/2019

A $1 Billion Crypto Investment Vehicle In Works ‘For Institutional Investors’

UK asset management firm Elwood plans to develop a giant $1 billion bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment venture, it says. Elwood Expands Cryptocurrency Exposure Quoted by the Financial Times on August 30, Elwood, which is owned by billionaire Alan Howard, revealed it wants to funnel cash into crypto hedge funds.  The company is no stranger to the crypto investment space, having launched a Blockchain exchange-traded fund (ETF) in March.  According to the Times, Elwood “is working