Forbes Analyst: Bitcoin $27,000 EOY 2019 - What About XRP?

by Moon Lambo07/08/2019

A price prediction from Clem Chambers. Follow me on ...

"XRP Nightcap with DNI" EP. #80

by Digital Nomad Investor07/16/2019

We talk about XRP, Steve M. US govt. press conference, aliens, and more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for ...

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Holds a News Conference on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, XRP And Libra.

by Ayden Trading07/15/2019

Bitcoin #Trade #XRP #Crypto Support the stream: my twitter nano ledger, keep your crypto ...

XRP Price Prediction 2019 Ripple XRP Technical Analysis XRP Chart Analysis

by Edgy07/15/2019

Hello dear XRP traders, HODLers and everyone else, welcome to this Ripple price prediction 2019, hope you're doing well guys. With grandpa BTC correcting, ...

$0.31 XRP Price Prediction (15 July 2019)

by SkinnyMoonHunter07/15/2019

Oh, boy. XRP is close to 2 critical points of support against USD. Full list of XRP technical analysis: Use these 3 ...

via coindesk07/17/2019

Grin Network Executes First Hard Fork in Bid to Decentralize Mining Power

Wednesday's planned system upgrade for the Grin blockchain tweaked a mining algorithm.

via cointelegraph07/17/2019

Tor Project’s Bitcoin Crowdfunding Campaign Hits Goal in 25 Hrs

Launched on July 15, Tor Project’s new Bitcoin-based crowdfunding campaign reached the softcap of $10,000 in 25 hours.

via cointelegraph07/17/2019

Trump Vs. Bitcoin, Japanese Exchange Hacked | Coffee and Crypto

In the premiere episode of the new Cointelegraph series “Coffee and Crypto,” Olivia Capozzalo and Molly Jane Zuckerman discussed the latest news in the crypto industry.

via coindesk07/17/2019

Lawmakers Amp Up Pressure on Facebook to Halt Libra Cryptocurrency Development

U.S. lawmakers repeatedly pressed Facebook's top blockchain exec to halt development of the Libra cryptocurrency in Tuesday's hearing.

via cointelegraph07/17/2019

IMF Chief Economist Urges Regulatory Vigilance on Libra

IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath has called on global regulators to be vigilant and take the proper regulatory steps regarding Facebook’s Libra.

via coindesk07/17/2019

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon: Facebook’s Crypto Isn’t a Short-Term Concern

“We’re going to be talking about Libra three years from now," JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Tuesday.

via cointelegraph07/17/2019

Facebook’s Marcus: Libra to Satisfy All Regulatory Matters Before Its Launch

David Marcus, head of Facebook’s crypto wallet Calibra, stressed that Facebook will launch the Libra cryptocurrency project only after they address all regulatory concerns.

via coindesk07/17/2019

The Case $7.5K Could Become Bitcoin’s New Price Support

The world's most valuable cryptocurrency could find price support at $7,500 – that is if it follows past patterns on the charts.