litecoin price prediction - litecoin segwit price prediction & intrinsic value (april )

by lion polid07/11/2018

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litecoin price prediction - i was right about dash - $300 litecoin is next

by Валентина Беляева07/15/2018

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litecoin price prediction - will litecoin hit $100?

by Александр Севостьянов07/15/2018

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Price Analysis & Predictions: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano

by Financial Discuss07/15/2018

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Crypto's Price Prediction | BTC, ETH and LTC - July 14, 2018

by HueFin News07/14/2018

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Crypto Markets Keep Building Momentum, Bitcoin Inches Towards $6,400

Crypto markets keep growing, with nine out of top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap firmly in the green.

via ccn07/15/2018

Venezuelan Launches “Adopt a Family” Movement After Buying 400 Kg of Food With Crypto

A Venezuelan Redditor recently decided to use donations received in NANO to buy over 400 kg of food. He’s now launching a movement to support others.

via ccn07/15/2018

Ether and Bitcoin Cash Rise 3% as Market Adds $8 Billion, Can Momentum be Sustained?

Over the past 24 hours, the crypto market has added $8 billion to its valuation, as the price of Bitcoin Cash and Ether rose by more than 3 percent.

via ccn07/15/2018

81% of ICOs Are Scams, U.S. Losing Token Sale Market Share: Report

More than 80 percent of all initial coin offerings (ICOs) could be classified as scams, an explosive new report has found.

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Ethereum’s Next Big Game Will Offer Major League Baseball Collectibles

Users will be able to use their Ether to buy digital MLB collectibles, play games to level up or earn various rewards on 'MLB Crypto'.

via cointelegraph07/15/2018

Crypto Wallets Security: Explained

How to use your crypto wallet safely and spot possible threats to protect your coins against hackers.

via cointelegraph07/15/2018

Top Swiss Stock Exchange Says It Is ‘Open’ to Offering Crypto Trading on Its Platform

Operator of Switzerland’s top stock exchange SIX Group is “open” to the possibility of offering crypto trading on its planned digital trading platform.

via cointelegraph07/15/2018

Hodler’s Digest, July 9-15: While Mining ETH is a ‘Side Hustle’ for Google Co-Founder, Mining BTC for Russians May Fund Election ‘Interference’

Russian officials have been accused of mining Bitcoin to fund election “interference,” while a UK study sees crypto soon becoming “mainstream.”