LIVE Bitcoin BREAKOUT! - February 2019 Price Prediction & News Analysis

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Bitcoin BREAKING OUT!! | Key Resistance To Watch & What To Expect!

by The Moon02/18/2019

Tradingview: Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a ...

Best Coin Faucets 2 Menit Bitcoin Litecoin Doge Bitcoincash 2019

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018-19 BTC Today $6380 USD Live Price Analysis Free Crypto Market News

by Демид Горлов02/18/2019

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018-19 BTC Today $6380 USD Live Price Analysis Free Crypto Market News //bitcoin trading, Luka Magnotta, bitcoin broker, mobile, ...

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You Can Now Send Bitcoin Tips Over Lightning on Twitter

When "liking" your favorite tweet isn't enough, you can now send small bitcoin tips via the lightning network.

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Will the Crypto Community Torch Jamie Dimon?

The $156 in bitcoin being passed via the "Lighting Torch" is a bigger deal than trillions in JPM Coins would be, writes Michael J. Casey.

via cointelegraph02/18/2019

Bitmain Announces Energy-Efficient ASIC Chip for Mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Bitmain has announced its next generation 7nm ASIC chip, which reportedly enables faster and cheaper mining.

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Dow Futures Eke Higher on President’s Day as Democrats Prepare to Fight Trump’s Emergency Declaration

U.S. stock futures traded slightly higher on Monday, as Democrats geared up to fight President Trump's emergency declaration to fund a new steel barrier along the southern border with Mexico.

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Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Regulator Releases Regulation for Crypto Futures Market

Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency adopted a legal framework for crypto futures trading.

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Billionaire Who Predicted Trump’s Rise Says Ex Starbucks CEO Doesn’t Have the Beans for 2020 Presidential Race

The wall street veteran who predicted Donald Trump's presidential win says former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz doesn't have the stomach for a campaign race.

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Dow Jones Winning: Why China’s Stock Market Surging For First Time in 3 Months is Crucial

The Chinese stock market has recorded a 3 percent increase. The Dow Jones is nearing the 26,000 point mark after initiating a strong near-term rally.

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CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz Suggests Creation of Crypto Self-Regulatory Organization

CFTC commissioner Brian Quintenz suggested that participants in the crypto industry should create a self-regulatory structure.