LIVE Bitcoin - Is Tether In TROUBLE?! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

by Krown's Crypto Cave05/17/2019

Multistreaming with Krown's Crypto Cave Discord - ***My fully comprehensive road map to becoming a ...

via coindesk06/26/2019

Bitcoin Hits 17-Month High Above $12.9k

Bitcoin has risen above $12,900 for the first time since Jan. 21, 2018 to break a new high for 2019 at $12,919.

via coindesk06/26/2019

Tim Draper Is Bullish On Argentina’s Blockchain Tech Potential

Draper bet the Argentinian president that bitcoin would overtake the peso. Draper might be right.

via coindesk06/26/2019

Bitcoin’s Share of $350 Billion Crypto Market Highest Since 2017

The Bitcoin Dominance Index shows bitcoin continues to gain altitude at a time when broader confidence in the crypto market, now nearly $350 billion, has yet to return.

via coindesk06/26/2019

What Indonesia Reveals About Facebook’s Libra Plan

Facebook’s omnipresence in Indonesia raises questions about how Libra will impact retail users.

via insiderpro06/25/2019

TrustToken Launches Asia-based Stablecoin TrueHKD

Preview The new stablecoin, TrueHKD, is reportedly fully collateralized by Hong Kong dollars.

via coindesk06/25/2019

Square Is Expanding Access to Bitcoin Deposits for Cash App Users

Square is rolling out bitcoin deposits for its Cash App, supplementing the buy, sell and transfer options.

via insiderpro06/25/2019

JPMorgan Chase to Test Its Stablecoin with Corporate Clients

Preview Farooq highlights the technology behind stablecoin could enable instant delivery of bonds on a blockchain platform.

via cointelegraph06/25/2019

Germany: CDU and CSU Union to Integrate Blockchain Into Public Services

In Germany, the CDU and CSU Union is pushing to integrate blockchain technology into public services.