LIVE Bitcoin Reminiscences of 6K! August 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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BITCOIN WEEK OF THE SHORT SQUEEZE ! bitcoin litecoin price prediction, analysis, news, trading.mp4

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Ethereum Dominating Bitcoin !!! - Price Analysis Ethereum News

by Scrembo Paul09/16/2019

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Bitcoin Is Wishing Upon A Star! September 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

by Krown's Crypto Cave09/16/2019

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Bug Allows Kraken Users to Buy Bitcoin With Discount

Preview A bug that has affected the trading platform has allowed its users to buy BTC at a lower price.

via cointelegraph09/17/2019

Big Four Auditing Firm Deloitte Allows Staff to Pay Lunch in Bitcoin

Employees of Big Four auditing firm Deloitte can now pay for food in the cantine using a mobile Bitcoin wallet.

via cointelegraph09/17/2019

Bitcoin Price at $10.2K Deadlock as Ether Continues Surprise Bull Run

BTC/USD characterized by a lack of momentum as a curious pump of Ether becomes the market standout.

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Wells Fargo to Pilot DLT-Based Cross-Border Settlement Platform

American financial services company Wells Fargo & Company is planning to launch a pilot of a distributed ledger technology-based internal settlement service in 2020.

via cointelegraph09/17/2019

Blackstone CEO: Blockchain Is Good But ‘Odd’ for Creating Money

Steve Schwarzman, one of the world’s richest people, likes blockchain but thinks that applying it to money creation is odd.

via cointelegraph09/17/2019

Blockchain Being Used to Turn Ocean Plastic Waste Into Eco-Fabrics

Dutch eco-fabrics supplier Waste2Wear starts its blockchain-enabled collection of fabrics made from ocean plastics.

via bitcoinist09/17/2019

Facebook Insists Libra Poses No Threat to Central Banks

Let’s be honest. For central banks that relish their power to unleash quantitative easing and print money at will, Facebook’s Libra is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Facebook Does Not Threaten Central Banks Libra does not threaten central banks’ control over currency creation. That was the narrative from Facebook during the meeting between the Libra Association and regulators in Switzerland yesterday. However, most regulators and central banks around the world beg to differ. The push-back

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Binance Makes First Chinese Investment Since Leaving Country in 2017

After leaving China amid the local crypto trading ban back in 2017, Binance has made its first strategic Chinese investment.