MATIC Network & Coinbase - How High Will Price Go? (2019)

by My Crypto Journal08/06/2019

This week Bitcoin managed to climb up to $12100 and people are starting to scream $20k all over again. In this video I'll be going over what I think is more likely ...

MATIC NETWORK (MATIC) 126% Biggest Breakout 2019

by Rockstar Trading08/22/2019

MATIC NETWORK (MATIC) 126% Biggest Breakout 2019 - In this video, I talk about a cryptocurrecy that has been crazy bullish price action this year. Matic ...

008. Analiza projektu Matic Network #001

by CryptoDev08/18/2019

Wpis na blogu powiÄ…zany z filmem: Linki: Strona projektu: GitHub: ...


by cryptocurrency news08/13/2019

Please donate when coin goes up.Thank you. coin is used to help people in need. bitcoincash : qqjx2u7zdp6vsqz3cal0nq350p85ad7fxqawdsnl02 LITECOIN ...

via cointelegraph08/27/2019

General Manager of Houston Rockets Basketball Team Bullish on Bitcoin

The general manager of the Houston Rockets pro basketball team, Daryl Morey, disclosed that he recently increased his Bitcoin holdings.

via cointelegraph08/27/2019

Crypto Market Sees Minor Losses After Trading Sideways

The crypto market is seeing minor losses after trading sideways for most of the day. Bitcoin is trading around $10,350.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

New Zealand Radio Host Denies Shilling Bitcoin on Social Media

A New Zealand radio host has stated that crypto promotional ads containing his likeness are not genuine.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

VMWare CEO Gelsinger Condemns Bitcoin as Bad Design, Bad for Humanity

VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger says he believes Bitcoin is bad for humanity, citing its environmental impact and purported illicit use.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

CoinFlex Receives $10 Million Funding for Bitcoin Futures Settlements

Physical Bitcoin futures settlement exchange CoinFlex has received $10 million in funding from Roger Ver, Polychain Capitals and other investors.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

Report: Craig Wright Must Forfeit 50% of Bitcoin in Court Case

A judge has reportedly recommended that Craig Wright hand over thousands of bitcoins and intellectual property rights to the Kleiman estate.

via coindesk08/26/2019

Judge Recommends Ruling in Favor of Kleiman in Craig Wright Case

A magistrate judge has recommended that Craig Wright turn over 50% of his bitcoin and intellectual property from before 2014 to Ira Kleiman.

via insiderpro08/26/2019

Ethereum Fund Grants $2M to Crypto Developers

Preview The fund granted 8 companies with the donation, including Harmony, Prysmatic Labs, Sigma Prime, Status, Whiteblock and etc.