my price prediction for EOS for 25th of December 2019

by john loves crypto02/09/2019

my thoughts on the price of EOS by the end of 2019.


by Games Z Crypto02/19/2019

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EOS Price Prediction; Price Is Possibly Moving in an Ascending Triangle, Is the Breakout Occurring'

by Track Coin Market02/19/2019

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HOLOCHAIN TO BREAKOUT AGAIN? + ETH, LTC, EOS, KMD Price Prediction Technical Analysis

by Crypto Rocko02/18/2019

COULD HOLOCHAIN TO BREAKOUT AGAIN? Should you be looking to buy HOLO? Comment Below... Hope you enjoyed the video. If you liked and learnt from ...


by MGB crypto02/18/2019

prediction#EOS#MGBcrypto -------------------------------------------------------------- Dear friends, We feature a handy cryptocurrency calculator and converter that ...

via coindesk02/19/2019

Ethereum Mining Pool Receives Mysterious $300K Blockchain Payout

Cryptocurrency mining pool Sparkpool received a payout today of over $300,000 for mining one block on the ethereum blockchain.

via cointelegraph02/19/2019

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Discloses Non-ETH Crypto Holdings and Other Revenue Sources

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has disclosed that his crypto investments are virtually exclusively devoted to the Ethereum network.

via ccn02/19/2019

Bernie Sanders officially announced his 2020 presidential campaign. What have he and the other candidates said about #bitcoin?

The 2020 US presidential election is still nearly two years away, but campaign season is already in full swing. Before long, voters will know which Democrats support the Green New Deal and what mantra will replace Trump rally staple “Lock her up!” (assuming Hillary Clinton doesn’t run again, that is). Less prominent, though, are the candidates’ thoughts on bitcoin, positions which do not always sort out along party lines. Will the 2020 US presidential election bring us the first crypto-investor-in-chief, or will the voters elect someone with no qualms about using the long arm of the executive branch to impose

via cointelegraph02/19/2019

MIT Technology Review: Although Touted for Security, Blockchain Is Still Hackable

MIT Technology Review argued that blockchain tech is hackable due to both system bugs and the human factor.

via ccn02/19/2019

How Apple is Preparing for Life After the iPhone [No, not Buying Netflix With the $250 Billion Cash Pile]

Apple is reorginizing leadership ranks and reordering priorities in preparation for a future where the iPhone will not be the major revenue growth driver.

via coindesk02/19/2019

BitGo Offering $100 Million in Crypto Insurance Through Lloyd’s of London

BitGo is providing $100 million of cover against theft of digital assets or the loss of cryptographic keys via Lloyd’s of London.

via cointelegraph02/19/2019

Japan’s Central Bank Examines Central Bank Digital Currencies in New Report

Japan’s central bank examines central bank digital currencies in a new report, laying out their benefits and drawbacks.

via ccn02/19/2019

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Hits 40-Day High, is $5,000 Next?

The bitcoin price just pounded higher to reach a 5-week high. Could the flagship cryptocurrency cross $5,000 next?