Netflix Mentions Ripple XRP In A Popular Show. CEO Of TRON Has Lunch With Warren Buffet.

by Ayden Trading06/03/2019


We All Know XRP Is Going To Be $100-$1,000+ The Question Is When And What Will Be The First Stop?

by Ayden Trading06/12/2019

my twitter nano ledger, keep your crypto safe. No finacial advice is given. It is simply opinion and ...

Can TRON $TRX steal Ethereum's Crown? + TRX Price Prediction and Ripple XRP GIVEAWAY!!!!

by CRYPTOPIG06/12/2019

Today we are talking about Tron TRX price predictions, it's newly launched Sun Network and lunch plans with Warren Buffet. Is it all just marketing hype or will ...

NEW "XRP Manifesto 2.0"

by Digital Nomad Investor06/12/2019

I've updated my XRP Manifesto! The nine stage blueprint for XRP to be used to save the global economy!

Xrp Ripple News Institutional Money is Coming But WE Beat them to the Game!!!

by CryptoCeej06/11/2019

Thanks for watching my channel Protect your digital assets with a Ledger Nano S grab one here XRP price predictions 2019: XRP/ Can ...

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Indian Government-supported Program Offers Bitcoin and Blockchain Course

Preview Swayam learning platform, which is supported by the country's government, has started to offer a course on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

via coindesk06/13/2019

Bitcoin Price Eyes Chart Pattern That Kicked Off Bull Market in 2015

Bitcoin is about to see a key bullish cross of two moving averages the first time in nearly four years.

via cointelegraph06/13/2019

Major Cryptocurrencies in The Green as Bitcoin Rallies Over $8,100

Top cryptocurrencies are trending up, and most tokens are in the green right now.

via cointelegraph06/13/2019

Internal Power Struggle at MakerDAO: When Coding and Personal Interests Collide

Chaos at the headquarters of MakerDAO: Why have some key members left the company, while others hired a lawyer?

via cointelegraph06/13/2019

Brazil: R3 Develops Blockchain Platform With Major Banks and Stock Exchange

Blockchain software startup R3 revealed that it is developing a blockchain platform in Brazil with Bradesco, Itau and B3.

via cointelegraph06/13/2019

Reuters, Bloomberg Terminals, TradingView Add AI-Powered Crypto Index for Top 100 Coins

The half a million traditional traders that use the Reuters and Bloomberg financial terminals will now have access to the index.

via cointelegraph06/13/2019

Crypto-Enabled Payment Firm Square Recruits Former Google Product Director Steve Lee

United States-based bitcoin-supporting payments service Square Crypto announced that it recruited former Google product director Steve Lee.

via cointelegraph06/13/2019

FINRA Fines Former Merrill Lynch Employee $5,000 for Not Reporting Crypto Mining Activity

Merrill Lynch had informed FINRA about Kyung Soo Kim failing to tell bosses about his mining activities, which flouted rules.