News: Ethereum Price Weekly Forecast: ETH Remain Sell Until This Changes

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Ethereum Going Insane !!! - Price Analysis Ethereum News

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Ethereum News Price Prediction Join my Private Coaching : Collaboration: ICO ...

Como ganhar muito satoshi de Ethereum Classic com aplicativo NEWZGO | + Prova de pagamento

by Negocio Comum09/09/2019

Como ganhar muito satoshi de Ethereum Classic com aplicativo NEWZGO | + Prova de pagamento ...

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Ripple Co-Founder Keeps Getting More and More XRP

Hey, Ripple: if you want to continue to anger your fans and customers, just keep doing what you’re doing! The company has now moved more than $26 million USD in XRP units to a wallet held by one of the company’s founders, Jed McCaleb, the same man who co-founded Stellar and the now defunct Mt....

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Hacker Spends $1K to Win Over $110K in EOS Betting Game Using REX

A hacker spent $1,000 in EOS to steal more than $110,000 in cryptocurrency by exploiting EOS game of chance EOSPlay.

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Crypto Inflation Figures Show Why Bitcoin is King Above Others Like ZEC and XRP

The high inflation figures for altcoins like ZCash (ZEC) and XRP are providing yet another basis for the “bitcoin is king” argument. Indiscriminate Dumping Hurting Altcoin Value Tweeting on Friday (September 13, 2019), economic and crypto analyst, Alex Krüger highlighted the relationship between high inflation figures and poor price performance for certain altcoins. Crypto inflation rates, as measured by @viewbasecom. There is a disproportionate percentage of $ZEC and $XRP pouring into the market. No wonder

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Aventus Announces Ethereum-Based Protocol to Enhance Ticketing Industry

Aventus Network reveals Ethereum-based ticketing protocol to stop fraud and provide more transparency to the event ticketing industry.

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Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Sept. 8–14 in Review

Cointelegraph en Español presents a weekly digest of selected cryptocurrency- and blockchain-related news from the Spanish-speaking world.

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Is China Finally Easing Up on Cryptocurrencies?

It looks like some people (or entities) can change their minds after all. Despite a mixed relationship with cryptocurrency in the past, the People’s Bank of China (PBC) appears to finally be easing up to it.  Is China Becoming “Friendlier?” As China’s central bank, the financial institution is looking to release its own digital currency...

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How the E.U. Plans to Battle Against Libra

It appears Libra doesn’t have that many fans. The new digital currency from Facebook is stemming controversy and dislike everywhere it goes, and now the European Central Bank (ECB) is taking what it deems to be necessary action by building its own national digital coin as a means of competing with it.  Libra Just Can’t...

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Square Crypto Grants $100,000 to Open-Source Crypto Payment Processor

Square Crypto, the crypto-focused branch of mobile payment company Square, provides a $100,000 grant to BTCPay Server to support open-source BTC projects.