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Why Bitcoin Tumbled Below $8K

Where is bitcoin going? CoinDesk's experts weigh in on crypto's recent precipitous drop.

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Venezuela: What Do We Do with All This BTC and ETH?

Well, well… The truth has come out. Despite Venezuela pushing for Petro adoption and allegedly threatening cryptocurrency miners, the country seems to have its own private stash of both bitcoin and Ethereum – and it has no idea what to do with it.  Venezuela and Crypto: A Strange Mix Venezuela has had a strange relationship...

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Venezuelan Central Bank is Considering Holding Bitcoin and Ether

Venezuela’s central bank is exploring the possibilities of holding Bitcoin and Ether in its coffers, at the request of state-owned oil and gas company PSDV.

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MediConnect Completes PoC to Track Medication Through the Supply Chain

MediConnect has completed the workflow for a PoC designed to track medications through the supply chain.

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Top 10 Alternative Cryptocurrencies Hit 6 Month Lows

Nearly all top 10 alternative cryptocurrencies have hit their respective 6-month lows after bitcoin's rapid price slide on Tuesday.

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Bittrex to Use Chainalysis Tool to Identify High-Risk Transactions

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex is incorporating Chainalysis’ know your transaction tool to spot high-risk transactions.

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Users of Nigeria-Based Crypto Wallet Lose $1M in Alleged Exit Scam

Nigeria-based Satowallet has allegedly performed a $1 million exit scam as users have been unable to access their crypto since April.

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US SEC’s Crypto Mom: ‘I Think We Need to Be a Little Less Paternalistic’

Speaking at a summit today, U.S. SEC Commissioner Peirce said that regulators like her organization should “be a little less paternalistic.”