Quantum Resistant Ledger - QRL

by Encrypted Times06/13/2017

https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-QRL -------------------------- Encrypted Times Twitter: https://twitter.com/encryptedtimes Google+ ...

The QRL - Ledger Nano Release Candidate Demo

by Scott Donald01/05/2019

Demonstrating The QRL's Ledger Nano S release candidate application with The QRL Wallet.

RandomCoin Mining Show LIVE! ⛏ - Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) | Cryptonight V7 | smOS

by SavageMine12/29/2018

Welcome to the RandomCoin Mining Show! (not to be mistaken with BrandonCoin) SUBSCRIBE!

QRL Presentation at CryptoBlockCon 2018

by QRL12/17/2018

Adam Koltun, Lead Business Strategist for The Quantum Resistant Ledger, presents on Quantum Resistant Signature Schemes deployed in a Blockchain ...

How to Mine Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) Coin? Step by Step

by Hero Miners12/17/2018

This video will help you how to mine Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) coin. Pool: https://qrl.herominers.com You can start Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) ...

via cointelegraph09/12/2019

BNY Mellon to Act as Transfer Agent for Bitwise’s Proposed Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise has chosen BNY Mellon to act as transfer agent and administrator for its proposed Bitcoin exchange-traded fund.

via coindesk09/11/2019

Bitwise Taps BNY Mellon as Transfer Agent for Proposed Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise has tapped Bank of New York Mellon to act as the administrator and transfer agent for its proposed bitcoin ETF.

via cointelegraph09/11/2019

Tezos Foundation Issues Batch of Grants to Smart Contract, Explorer Projects

The Tezos Foundation has issued a number of new grants to projects that focus on various aspects of developing the Tezos network.

via cointelegraph09/12/2019

Coinbase UK Settles Lawsuit With Victim of Email Phishing Attack

The U.K. arm of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase settled a lawsuit with a man who lost 80 Bitcoins in an email phishing attack.

via cointelegraph09/11/2019

LocalBitcoins: Tor Browser Users at Risk of Losing Their Bitcoins

Finland-based P2P crypto exchange LocalBitcoins warned users about alleged security risks associated with Tor Browser.

via insiderpro09/11/2019

Large Korean Mobile Carrier Launches Blockchain

Preview ELYNET implements blockchain to improve communication for clients who rely on a single carrier for telecom service.

via cointelegraph09/11/2019

Iranian Crypto Miners Tax Exempt If They Repatriate Offshore Earnings

Cryptocurrency miners in Iran will be eligible for a tax exemption if they agree to repatriate their overseas earnings.

via cointelegraph09/11/2019

Major South Korean Mobile Carrier Launches Blockchain Project

Union Mobile, the fourth-largest mobile carrier in South Korea, announced the launch of its blockchain project ELYNET.