Ripple XRP and Altcoin Owners NEED To Keep This in Mind - Don't Panic - Here's The Truth

by The Naughty Investor07/10/2019

Are you an owner of @Ripple / @XRP ? And are you wondering when will xrp go back up ? This video may help you and any other altcoin owners on what the ...

"XRP Nightcap with DNI" Ep. #83 "Globalists plans for XRP?"

by Digital Nomad Investor07/20/2019

We discussed potential plans the globalists may have for XRP in the future! Is XRP "The Chosen One?" ****How Could XRP be the “One World Currency?

XRP "One World Currency?"

by Digital Nomad Investor07/19/2019

DISCLAIMER: This video in only an academic exercise exploring some theoretical outcomes of XRP on the global stage. I have no idea if the events I discuss ...

Ripple And XRP Speaking At Bangkok FinTech Fair 2019.

by Ayden Trading07/19/2019

Support the stream: twitter 》NANO LEDGER S, MAKE SURE YOUR CRYPTO IS SAFE ...

"XRP Nightcap with DNI" Ep. # 82 "XRP in 10, 20, 30 Years?"

by Digital Nomad Investor07/19/2019

Where can XRP be in 10, 20, 30 years? We explore its potential future! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to ...

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Virgin Bitcoin — Most In-Demand Crypto That Is Regulated Differently?

Demand for virgin Bitcoin is currently at its all-time high.

via coindesk07/20/2019

Could Donald Trump Ban Bitcoin?

He can try, argues Noelle Acheson – but the risk he might succeed is outweighed by the benefits of the heightened conversation.

via cointelegraph07/19/2019

Bitcoin Dominance Growing — What It Could Mean for Altcoins

Bitcoin has staged a significant recovery from the 2018 bear market price decline, but altcoins continue to slide even lower.

via cointelegraph07/20/2019

Bank of Thailand Is Open to Discuss Libra, Concerned Over Security

Bank of Thailand governor Veerathai Santiprabhob said that the institution is open to discuss Facebook’s Libra stablecoin with the company.

via cointelegraph07/20/2019

Alleged Silk Road Drug Dealer Arrested in the United States

Authorities have arrested alleged Silk Road drug trafficker Hugh Brian Haney per an announcement from a New York district attorney.

via coindesk07/20/2019

Anchorage Chose South Dakota for Its Crypto Custody – Here’s Why

After a $40 million Series B, buzzy crypto startup Anchorage is setting up a new subsidiary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

via cointelegraph07/20/2019

Full House: Crypto Cards Show a Strong Hand in 2019

As investor confidence in crypto grows, some of crypto’s biggest name launch cards.

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KPMG to Work With Microsoft, Tomia and R3 on Blockchain Telecom Solutions

KPMG is partnering with Microsoft, Tomia and R3 to create a blockchain solution to make telecom settlements cheaper and faster.