Ripple XRP: Could The Hexagon Theory Explain Kichiro’s $50 in 24 hrs Before EOY Prediction?

by Working Money Channel11/30/2018

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Ripple XRP: A BG Prediction You Can Bank On

by OZ Crypto12/04/2018

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ZCASH to Coinbase, BITCOIN & Ripple XRP price analysis

by The Traveling Crypto11/30/2018

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Ripple XRP: Viral Price Predictions

by OZ Crypto11/29/2018

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via cointelegraph12/08/2018

Video Demonstrates Double Spending Possibility in Bitcoin Cash SV ‘0-Conf’ Transactions

Findings from a test by an online persona known as “reizu” revealed four nodes control 75 percent of the BSV hashrate.

via cointelegraph12/08/2018

Crypto Rankings' Shake-Up Follows Yesterday’s Market Crash as Bitcoin Stays Around $3,400

After seeing another big sell-off, crypto markets are trading sideways, with total market cap hovering around yesterday’s levels.

via cointelegraph12/08/2018

Gemini Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash Trading and Custody on the ABC Network

Gemini, a major cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, recently announced it launched support for Bitcoin Cash on the ABC blockchain.

via cointelegraph12/08/2018

Major UK Charity Fund Executive Believes Crypto Market Crash Is ‘Just a Bump in the Road’

A major U.K. charity fund executive declared during a crypto summit that the recent market crash is just a “bump in the road.”

via insiderpro12/08/2018

China Protects Writes using Blockchain

Preview An Internet Court in Eastern China has began to use blockchain to protect online writers.

via cointelegraph12/08/2018

Huobi Opens First Russian Office in Partnership with State Bank’s Digital Tech Center

Huobi has launched its first branch in Russia in partnership with local state-owned VEB bank’s blockchain and crypto center.

via insiderpro12/08/2018

Russian Bank Will Offer Crypto Assets Services by 2019

Preview The third largest Russian bank is about to launch its own cryptocurrency service by mid-2019.

via cointelegraph12/08/2018

Chinese Internet Court Uses Blockchain to Protect Online Writer’s Intellectual Property

A Chinese Internet Court has started using blockchain to protect the intellectual property of online writers.