The Predicted Move Came! | Twitter CEO Jack, Accepts The Lightning Torch, HUGE For BTC? | QuadrigaCX

by The Moon02/06/2019

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$0.43 Chainlink LINK Price Prediction (14 Feb 2019)

by SkinnyMoonHunter02/14/2019

Chainlink has done a lot, setting up and accomplishing almost all price targets. Previous video: #chainlink #link #bitcoin.


by Technical Bansal02/14/2019

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Bitcoin Move Incoming SOON! | Have We Seen The Bottom?

by The Moon02/13/2019

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by Sen Crypto02/11/2019

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Stable Coins: The “Holy Grail of Cryptocurrencies”

In the middle of the Cryptocurrency industry meltdown in 2019, Bitcoin experienced a loss of more than 3-quarters of its value. This created a queue for enthusiasts to shift to so-called “stable” coins, which are deemed the utopia in the world of Cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a close look at stable coins: To be able to...

via cointelegraph02/16/2019

NEO Blockchain Platform Opens Seattle Office Headed by Ex-Microsoft Exec

Chinese blockchain platform NEO will open offices in Seattle, which will be headed by an ex-Microsoft executive.

via ccn02/16/2019

Crypto Nightmare: This Brazilian Investor Just Accidentally Bought Bitcoin at $20,000

Every crypto trader's nightmare just came true for one Brazilian investor who accidentally bought bitcoin for nearly $20,000.

via cointelegraph02/16/2019

Report: QuadrigaCX Founder May Have Stored Private Keys on Paper in Safety Deposit Box

Gerald Cotten, founder of crypto exchange QuadrigaCX, purportedly stored paper copies of the exchange’s keys in a safety deposit box.

via cointelegraph02/16/2019

Moscow Blockchain Cluster Needs Intellectual Property Mechanism, Says Expert

Founder of blockchain platform Aleksandr Borodich said that the Moscow blockchain innovation cluster needs a mechanism for assessing intellectual property.

via cointelegraph02/15/2019

Chinese Crypto Miner Predicts That Bitcoin Could Reach $740K

A founder of Chinese mining pool Poolin predicted that the price of Bitcoin could reach nearly $740,000.

via cointelegraph02/15/2019

Report: Global Blockchain in Energy Utilities Market to Grow 60% by 2024

According to a recent report, the global blockchain in energy utilities market is expected to grow by 60 percent from 2018–2024.

via ccn02/15/2019

Bitcoin Price: All’s [Too] Quiet on the Crypto Front

The Bitcoin price is eerily quiet these days. Too quiet. Way, way too quiet. What's going on in the crypto market?