Time Traveller's Prediction for Bitcoin Price 2019

by Louis Thomas12/04/2018

Back in 2013, an anonymous figure posted on the r/Bitcoin subreddit claiming to be a time traveller from the year 2025. He made a series of predictions for the ...

Why Bitcoin CANNOT Fall Under $3,000!!! 5 Predictions for $BTC 2019 | MASSIVE $XRP & Crypto Updates!

by Crypto Zombie12/13/2018

Five expert predictions for 2019, why #BITCOIN most likely will NOT fall below $3k, TD Ameritrade explores $XRP, $ETH fork updates, Church's Chicken accepts ...

Bitcoin Breaking Out! But Is It Really That Bullish? | Winklevoss App Launch!

by The Moon12/12/2018

BitMEX Affiliate Link 10% Off: https://www.bitmex.com/register/NJu3r0 Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin ...

Bitcoin Fake-out Imminent?! December Price & Trade Analysis

by Krown's Crypto Cave12/12/2018

Trade Like a Professional - The Art and Application of Technical Analysis: http://krown-trading.teachable.com/courses/349734 ***Master Your Options*** ...

Bitcoin | My Long Term Prediction

by Kevin Svenson12/11/2018

Macro Analysis - My thoughts on the long term. Spring of 2020 is my estimated time frame for the next major BTC breakout. . My Track Record For Price ...

via cointelegraph12/14/2018

Brazilian Premier League Soccer Club Launches Crypto 'Fan Tokens'

Atletico Mineiro, a Brazilian premier league soccer club, is launching its own fan token “GaloCoin” based on Ethereum blockchain.

via coindesk12/14/2018

Ethereum Chat Startup Status Lays Off 25% of Staff

Citing the crypto bear market, Status.IM has laid off 25 staffers and asked remaining employees to take a pay cut.

via cointelegraph12/14/2018

Bitcoin Cash Tanks 13 Percent as Major Cryptocurrencies All Fall Hard

The cryptocurrency bear market continues in earnest as Bitcoin Cash investors in particular see holdings evaporate.

via insiderpro12/14/2018

EU Wants to Speed Up Blockchain Adoption

Preview The European Union urged for accelerated adoption of blockchain technology.

via cointelegraph12/14/2018

Bahrain’s Central Bank Publishes Draft Regulations on Crypto Assets

Central Bank of Bahrain has issued a draft of digital assets regulations which includes new licensing requirements for crypto service providers.

via insiderpro12/14/2018

Key Facts Of The Day 14.12.2018

Preview The most important news of the past 24 hours.

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Blockchain Development Tops LinkedIn’s 2018 List of Emerging Jobs

Preview “Blockchain developer” is the most rapidly growing job in the US, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 US Emerging Jobs report disclosed yesterday.

via cointelegraph12/14/2018

US Credit Union Blockchain Consortium Joins R3's Global Ecosystem

CULedger, a U.S. credit union service organization-owned blockchain consortium, has joined enterprise software firm R3’s global blockchain ecosystem.