TOK TALK-03 What is Florin Coin FLO? by TOKOK Exchange

by TOKOK01/09/2019

Related Link: FLO Official website: Where to exchange: Welcome to TOK TALK! This video program is produced by ...

Bitcoin, BNB, Ravencoin & FLO! Massive Gains!! (ARCANE BEAR)

by Arcane Bear03/24/2019

Join our traders club: Telegram: We drop in to take a look at Bitcoin, Binance token ...

What is Florin Coin FLO? | In 3 minutes | Tzero

by i like money07/31/2018

What do you think about FLO? I do not own the music.

Florincoin FLO Scrypt POW Coin "floData" Good Investment to HODL

by Crypto Plumber05/13/2018

FLO is a scrypt minable crypto-currency with quick transaction processing. It is based on the Bitcoin and Litecoin source code, with improvements in several ...

REALIST NEWS - FLO Coin Update (Deleted previous vid) Crypto Market Review

by jsnip404/19/2018

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Telegram TON Will Be Synchronized with Ethereum Blockchain

Preview TON's subsidiary the TON Labs is developing a Solidity compiler, which will allow dApps built for the Ethereum blockchain to also run on TON.

via bitcoinist08/31/2019

XRP Advocate Calls for Fork Amid Alleged Ripple Flooding

An XRP evangelist is calling for a fork of the cryptocurrency to prevent Ripple from dumping coins on investors for profits. Let’s Fork XRP Every quarter, Ripple publishes a report showing the sales figures for the tokens within the preceding three months. Critics say the company is dumping these tokens for profits while the value of the “coin” itself continues to tumble. I’m thinking about forking $XRP so we don’t have to deal with the

via cointelegraph08/31/2019

Ex-ConsenSys Exec Joins Security Token Project Dusk Network

Kavita Gupta, former ConsenSys ventures head, joins security token offering project Dusk Network that aims to help companies tokenize their equity shares.

via livebitcoinnews08/31/2019

Mark Carney: A Global Digital Currency Could Be a Good Thing

Sometimes, cryptocurrency support comes from the most unlikely candidates. This week, that support comes from Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England – one of the world’s largest and oldest financial institutions. Carney: A Global Digital Currency Could Be the Answer Carney has not always been kind to cryptocurrencies in the past. He...

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US Air Force Steps Up Blockchain Use: What Else Is the Pentagon Up To?

New blockchain-based initiatives from the US Air Force have Cointelegraph looking at prospects for the technology throughout US defense agencies.

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Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Aug. 24-31 in Review

From Cointelegraph en Español: Paypal changing policies in Mexico, new crypto payments in Spain and more government announcements about the Petro from Venezuela.

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How Facebook Libra Is Seeking Compliance, but May Not Launch by 2020

Facebook Libra is seeking worldwide compliance, but experts are sceptical that the project can meet its 2020 release date due to regulatory uncertainty.

via cointelegraph08/31/2019

Kyrgyzstan Proposes Draft Law to Introduce Crypto Mining Taxation

The Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan has submitted a draft law which proposes the taxation of crypto mining.