Tron (TRX) Can The Price Recover Soon? (June 26th)

by DustyBC06/13/2018

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Tron (TRX) What's Happening? What's Going On?!

by DustyBC06/21/2018

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TRON Coin Migration & TRX BitTorrent Purchase - Price Prediction 2018

by MR. ECOMM06/21/2018

TRX acquires BitTorrent and coin migrtation SOCIAL: Instagram: Twitter: CRYPTO LINKS: ...

Tron TRX, LTC, And More - Is It A Good Buy?

by Big Ben Millionaire Trader06/21/2018

Brand New! How To Build A 6 Figure Crypto Account In A Bear (Down) Market! : email - Do you think Tron ...

TRON (TRX) Price Prediction May 2018 - Kitna Badh Sakta hai TRON/hindi and urdu

by DIGITAL BABA06/20/2018

TRON (TRX) Price Targets after Main net Launch. Guys, main net is not the end of TRON it is in fact the beginning. If you bought the coin and are HODLing in ...

via ccn06/21/2018

Exclusive: Researchers Allege Tron Plagiarized Code from other Crypto Projects

Researchers claim to have discovered multiple instances of code copied from other projects without attribution in the Tron codebase.

via coindesk06/21/2018

$3 Billion Blockchain Tron Kicks Off Token Migration Today

Tron, a top ten cryptocurrency, will embark on a token migration from ethereum to its new mainnet on Thursday.

via ccn06/21/2018

Interview: UK Exchange Crypto Facilities Launches Litecoin Futures Trading

A cryptocurrency futures trading platform based in the UK called Crypto Facilities is launching a new futures product allowing traders to take positions on Litecoin futures. Crypto Facilities CEO Timo Schlaefer spoke to CCN about the project. “We have seen extremely strong growth in futures trading volumes, up 84% in Q1 2018 on Q4 2017,

via cointelegraph06/22/2018

Swiss Central Bank Exec: Crypto ‘Too Primitive’ to Issue State Digital Currency

A board director of the Swiss central bank said that crypto and blockchain are “too primitive” to consider issuing a national digital currency.

via cointelegraph06/21/2018

Under New Rules Quebec Crypto Miners Will Be Required to Bid For Electricity

Under new rules, Quebec crypto miners are required to bid for power and quantify the jobs and investment per megawatt that they plan to create.

via ccn06/21/2018

Crypto-Friendly Robinhood Wants to Offer Bank Accounts

Crypto-friendly stock trading app Robinhood wants to offer its customers savings accounts and other traditional banking services.

via bitcoinist06/21/2018

TravelBlock – Providing Direct and Affordable Connection Between Travelers and Providers with Blockchain

Harnessing the tremendous capabilities that blockchain-based technology has brought, TravelBlock attempts to disrupt the billion-dollar travel booking industry. Through its implementation, the project intends to cut the costs of travel purchases with as much as 60%. At the same time, it will substantially increase transparency, reliability, and transaction security. Blockchain undoubtedly reminds us of the Internet in the 1990s. Back then the idea of booking your stay online seemed like a far-fetched one, yet now

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Toronto Stock Exchange Adds a New Blockchain ETF

Starting today, The Toronto Stock Exchange will list a new blockchain based ETF on their platform. ETF, which stands for ‘Exchange traded fund’ is “a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets”. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a stock exchange, and experience