Tron (TRX) Price Forecast: Expect $0.08 TRX Price by the End of 2019

by JacobTalks04/14/2019

TRON (TRX) does not show any bullish signs yet, so when to expect its growth?Discover how high can TRX go by the end of 2019, and what can drive its growth ...

How high can BINANCE COIN go in 2019?

by Crypto Rocko04/20/2019

How high can BINANCE COIN go in 2019? - BNB coin have been on fire in 2019. Could bnb continue to new highs? Comment Below... Hope you enjoyed the ...

How HIGH Can Litecoin Go?? Realistic Litecoin Price Prediction 2019 - Dogecoin MAJOR Move Coming

by CryptoTV04/18/2019

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How High Can Binance Coin (BNB) Go?

by Crypto Mobster04/18/2019

From the ICO, Binance issued its own token called the Binance Coin, with BNB as the symbol. BNB runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ...


by Crypto Rocko04/18/2019

HOW HIGH CAN BASIC ATTENTION TOKEN GO IN 2019? - I made a video about bat breaking out and made good money on this trade. It is having another go ...

via cointelegraph04/24/2019

Lightning Labs Launches Lightning Network Client for Main Bitcoin Network

Blockchain development company Lightning Labs announced that it released the first alpha version of its LN client for the main BTC network.

via cointelegraph04/24/2019

Bitfury Institutional Bitcoin Mining Fund Gains EU Regulator Approval

The blockchain software giant will provide hardware and other support to the fund, which is administered by Swiss-based Final Frontier.

via bitcoinist04/24/2019

Bitcoin Price Sparks Altcoin Bloodbath As Ripple CTO Quietly Dumps XRP

Bitcoin price suddenly fell $150 April 24 in an abrupt end to its latest bullish advance which has triggered a major altcoin sell-off. Bitcoin Price Corrects From 2019 High Data from cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, which traditionally offers a more conservative reading Bitcoin price, puts the largest cryptocurrency at $5470 as of press time Wednesday. The current levels come after BTC/USD lost its upward momentum at $5620, dropping 1.5 percent in a matter of minutes before

via cointelegraph04/24/2019

US: Two Men Plead Guilty to Selling Drugs for Crypto and Laundering $2.8 Million

Two men plead guilty for illicitly selling steroids and controlled substances and laundering millions of dollars in crypto.

via cointelegraph04/24/2019

Report: Samsung Planning New Blockchain Mainnet Featuring Samsung Coin

The electronics giant is still ironing out the intended use cases and structure of its likely ETH-based offering, an anonymous source says.

via coindesk04/24/2019

The Ethereum Name Service Is Turning Nearly 300,000 .ETH Domains Into NFTs

Ethereum's domain registration service is gearing up for major changes, including faster registration, tradeable domains and an annual fee.

via coindesk04/24/2019

Russian Opposition Leader Raises $3 Million in Bitcoin Donations

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has attracted $3 million in bitcoin donations over the last three years.

via cointelegraph04/24/2019

South Korean Hospital to Create Blockchain Medical Data Management Platform

Blockchain medical tech startups Longenesis and Insilico Medicine and South Korean hospital Gil Medical Center will jointly create a blockchain-based health data management solution.