Volante Technologies And Ripple XRP. "It's a different world now."

by Ayden Trading08/13/2019

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by HueFin News09/01/2019

We have another crypto analyst that is seeing XRP poised for 60% gains. We'll look at the price chart to see if it's likely to happen. It's time to stop the confusion.

Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Price Can Dip Lower Before Moon

by Cash Flow Nexus09/01/2019

xrp #ripple #cryptocurrency Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Price Can Dip Lower Before Moon Giving you some price analysis and prediction on where price can ...

Ripple XRP Price Prediction - Must Watch Before The FOMO Starts !

by Jono Solo08/31/2019

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Ripple XRP $123 EOY Price Prediction, Are Those High Prices Possible?

by DustyBC08/31/2019

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Andreessen Horowitz Co-Founder: Crypto a Solution to Web's Challenges

Cryptocurrencies could solve some of the internet’s biggest challenges, according to Marc Andreessen, co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

via insiderpro09/02/2019

Thai Crypto Exchange Bitcoin Co. Shuts Down

Preview Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Co. will cease its operations at the end of the month.

via insiderpro09/02/2019

Bitcoin Cash Celebrating 2-Year Anniversary Protocol Development

Preview 1 August, 2019 marked the second year since the BTC chain broke into two. The date went down in history as the day BTC software engineers and its passionate community welcomed Bitcoin Cash to the crypto world.

via cointelegraph09/02/2019

Sierra Leone Aims to Finish National Blockchain ID System in Late 2019

The president of Sierra Leone said that the government is planning to introduce a blockchain-based ID system by the end of 2019.

via insiderpro09/02/2019

Binance Launches Two Test Platform for Futures Trading

Preview The platforms were named Futures A and Futures B respectively.

via coindesk09/02/2019

South Korea’s Kakao May List Its Klay Cryptocurrency on Chinese Exchange

The government may not allow the coin to trade on a domestic exchange so it will look to other countries.

via coindesk09/02/2019

Liquid Exchange Reveals Escrow Account for Sale of Telegram Tokens

Crypto exchange Liquid has disclosed a wallet address where the proceeds from its July sale of Telegram's GRAM tokens are being held in escrow.

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Biggest Problems With Stablecoins, Explained

Stablecoins have exploded in popularity in 2019 — but there are plenty of challenges that lie ahead for this type of cryptocurrency in the future.