What is ARK? - Is the Hype Real? - #REVIEW

by Decentralized TV02/02/2018

Get the Apps! ☆ http://cryptoyum.com ☆ http://coinpuffs.com 10 Days of Bitcoin: Free Email Course! ☆ http://10daysofbitcoin.com What is ARK? Is all the hype ...

Cathie Wood, Founder & CEO of ARK Invest: The Intersection of Genomes, AI, and Blockchain

by Off the Chain Podcast02/28/2019

Cathie Wood is the Founder & CEO of ARK Invest. In this conversation, Cathie and Anthony Pompliano discuss investing in innovative technologies, building ...


by Crypto Rocko02/17/2019

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Is Ark The Best Cryptocurrency To Hold Long Term? Ark Smartbridge Technology & Ark Delegates

by Crypto Mining02/05/2019

Is Ark the best cryptocurrency to hold long term? Ark talk: ark smartbridge technology and ark delegates ARK website: https://ark.io ARK Docs: ...

ARK Price Prediction 2019

by KnockoutCrypto01/25/2019

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via coindesk09/16/2019

Harbor Tokenizes Real Estate Funds Worth $100 Million on Ethereum

Harbor has created tokens on the ethereum blockchain representing the shares of four real estate funds worth $100 million.

via cointelegraph09/16/2019

Bitcoin Price Drops $200 in Minutes as $10.2K Support Shows Cracks

Concern over Saudi Arabia drone strikes have sent oil volatility higher than Bitcoin’s, but analysts believe that will change.

via cointelegraph09/16/2019

Could Crypto Be Compliant With Sharia Law? Experts Answer

Experts in Islamic finance take on the question: Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram according to Sharia law?

via cointelegraph09/16/2019

Libra Does Not Threaten Sovereignty of Nations, Says Calibra CEO

CEO of Calibra, Facebook’s digital wallet for its Libra, says the notion that Libra threatens the global financial system must be debunked.

via coindesk09/16/2019

Facebook’s David Marcus Responds to Critics Over Libra ‘Threat’

The head of Facebook's Calibra has spoken out to "debunk" allegations that the Libra project poses a threat to nations' fiscal sovereignty.

via cointelegraph09/16/2019

Gartner: Blockchain Will Transform Most Industries in 10 Years

Blockchain will be transformative for most industries within 10 years, according to information technology service management giant Gartner.

via cointelegraph09/16/2019

Liechtenstein Approves DLT Public Offering with Porsche-Backed Firm

Neufund received clearance from the Liechtenstein regulator to host public offerings with a min investment of 10 euro.

via cointelegraph09/16/2019

Bitcoin Ban Means Massive Brain Drain for India, Crypto Industry Warns

India is seeing the first signs of an anticipated brain drain as the government considers stark legislation that would criminalize domestic cryptocurrency investments.