🚩 What Is Ethereum? A Simple Explanation Anyone Can Understand - Ethereum Coin

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Price Predictions: NEO ($NEO), Nano ($NANO), Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Litecoin ($LTC)!

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Is Bitcoin Crashing again? Live cryptocurrency technical analysis & price prediction Ripple, Tron

by The Traveling Crypto02/23/2018

Bitcoin 0:01 NEO 11:59 Litecoin LTC 21:45 Ripple XRP 29:15 Tron TRX 42:27 In this second livestream we talk about is bitcoin a good investment is bitcoin crashing. We also go over Ripple...

Crypto's Price Prediction | BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, DASH, NEO, XMR, ADA 2/22/2018

by HueFin News02/23/2018

We are giving you cryptocurrency price predictions or a shorter term crypto price predictions and price movements for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Cardano (ADA), Litecoin, Dash, Monero...

CryptoCurrency Price Predictions Bitcoin Ethereum NEO Ripple Stellar Cardano Crypto News

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Turkcoin? Turkey Politician Advises National Crypto To Profit From Bitcoin

A senior Turkish politician has repeated claims from the country’s deputy prime minister that it will seek to create ‘Turkcoin,’ its own national cryptocurrency. Opposition Demands Regulation Several weeks after the ruling Justice and Development Party’s Mehmet Şimşek suggested the idea, Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, deputy chair of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party and former Industry Minister, argued a method was needed to “generate revenue” from Bitcoin. “The introduction of encouraging regulations after assessing all kinds

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French Regulators Are Cracking Down on Cryptocurrency Binary Trading

According to a new report, a French market regulator has started cracking down on online trading platforms that offer cryptocurrency derivatives. Cryptocurrency Derivatives With the recent rise for cryptocurrencies worldwide, many trading platforms have started offering binary options, contracts, and derivative products tied to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. These new trading products have drawn the attention of several regulatory agencies in Europe. One of them is the French Autorite des Marches Financiers, which

via coindesk02/22/2018

The Next Petro? Iranian Minister Reveals Cryptocurrency Plans

Iran's central bank is developing a cryptocurrency, though it has no plans to embrace bitcoin.

via cointelegraph02/23/2018

Tezos Head & Board Member Step Down, Platform Prepares ‘Timely Launch’

Two board members of the Tezos Foundation, whose controversial ICO raised $232 mln, left office and were replaced by community members.

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Meet the Rouge Project: a Game-Changer in the Coupon Market

The coupon market came out in the early twentieth century, mostly in the US and Europe, and since then has grown exponentially. The internet boom allowed companies to provide their clients with all kinds of discounts and rebate on various goods. Today, we’re living in another technology revolution, lead by the blockchain, so the concept of coupons might transform by corresponding to the security and transparency of the emerging technology. One particular startup, called the

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Robinhood App Goes Live with Cryptocurrency Trading

The popular stock market trading app announced cryptocurrency trading would be here in the coming weeks, and that day is finally here for the 1 million people who’ve signed up for the beta. Streamlining the Process of Buying In Robinhood is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults because it offers a completely fee-free way to invest in the stock market.  This can be very attractive to younger people as they don’t have to deal

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ivyKoin Seeks to Bridge the Gap Between Legacy Financial Institutions and Cryptocurrency

Legacy financial institutions have generally taken a hands-off approach when it comes to cryptocurrencies due to their lack of transparency and promotion of anonymity. ivyKoin is looking to break down those barriers through its unique transfer of KYC (know your customer) and KYT (know your transaction) data via their blockchain network. Legacy Systems Need a Hero With trillions of dollars being transferred on an international scale daily and the growth trajectory of cryptocurrencies, a solution

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Venezuela's President Orders Companies to Accept the Petro

Venezuela officially has its own cryptocurrency – and its president wants some of the country's state-owned businesses to use it.