Would Cardano ada price hit 10 dollars in December 2019 ?

by youth incredible06/12/2019

This my cardano ada price prediction. Cardano will hit 10 dollars. #cardano #ada #CardanoAda ------------------------------ Thanks to mine YouTube family for ...

Cardano TestNet Will Be Huge For ADA Possible 200% Cardano Price Increase

by Cryptocurrency Youtuber06/20/2019

In this episode of Crypto clout our friend Fazed Crypto talks about the Cardano TestNet and we discuss how this will be big for Cardano's Growth moving forward ...

$20 Dollars Cardano Ada price prediction | Part 2 |

by youth incredible06/19/2019

Cardano Ada price 20 dollars | #BullRun #possible ------------------------------ Thanks to mine YouTube family for watching this video ! Being a small crypto channel ...

Cardano Ada price 20 dollars | Part 1 |#BullRun #possible

by youth incredible06/19/2019

This is my price prediction ! #cardano #20dollars ------------------------------ Thanks to mine YouTube family for watching this video ! Being a small crypto channel ...

Addressing the Community's Concerns of the Cardano Foundation

by Cardano Clips06/18/2019

This clip is from The Cardano Effect Episode 32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vc9VQg1qCQ Check out The Cardano Effect on reddit ...

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Bitcoin Price Hits $11K Less Than 24 Hours After Breaking $10K Mark

Bitcoin broke $11,000 for the first time since March last year after another major milestone at $10,000 just yesterday.

via insiderpro06/22/2019

Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 & Reaches All-time High Since March 2018

Preview At press time, BTC is trading at $10,118 (+5,83%).

via coindesk06/21/2019

Bitcoin Price Tops $10K for First Time Since 2018

Bitcoin's price passed five digits on cryptocurrency exchanges for the first time in 15 months.

via insiderpro06/22/2019

Ripple CEO: I'm Long Bitcoin

Preview Meanwhile, the leading by market cap crypto sees a strong surge within a 24h frame with +10,79% and is trading at $10,883, according to CoinMarketCap.

via cointelegraph06/22/2019

Tracking Drugs on Blockchain: How Significant Is Walmart and IBM's New Collaboration?

The FDA needs to track drugs by 2023, but will it go with blockchain?

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Above $300: Ether Price Clocks 10-Month High

The price of ethereum’s native cryptocurrency ether surpassed $300 today to hit ten-month highs.

via cointelegraph06/22/2019

Australian Reserve Bank Official Advises Caution in Anticipation of Libra

Governor of Australia’s central bank said that he expects to see regulatory compliance and a solid business case before Facebook’s Libra goes mainstream.

via cointelegraph06/21/2019

Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 for First Time Since March 2018

Bitcoin breaks the $10,000 mark after multi-month rebound.