XRP $1.00 Price: A ‘Grounded’ Look

by Moon Lambo08/07/2019

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Bitcoin Bullish OR Bearish?! Ripple XRP $10 Price Prediction?! (Cryptocurrency News + BTC Analysis)

by Patrick Corsino08/26/2019

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Ripple XRP Price Prediction: XRP THE WORLD'S CURRENCY

by Cash Flow Nexus08/26/2019

xrp #ripple #xrpusd Ripple XRP Price Prediction: XRP THE WORLD'S CURRENCY Doing some price analysis giving you guys a prediction on price and a ...

XRP Price Update (Price Move Forecast)

by HueFin News08/23/2019

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UNDENIABLE! This is Why XRP Price Will Hit $5 by 2025 HODL!

by Bitcoin Money Maker08/23/2019

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via cointelegraph08/26/2019

VMWare CEO Gelsinger Condemns Bitcoin as Bad Design, Bad for Humanity

VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger says he believes Bitcoin is bad for humanity, citing its environmental impact and purported illicit use.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

CoinFlex Receives $10 Million Funding for Bitcoin Futures Settlements

Physical Bitcoin futures settlement exchange CoinFlex has received $10 million in funding from Roger Ver, Polychain Capitals and other investors.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

Report: Craig Wright Must Forfeit 50% of Bitcoin in Court Case

A judge has reportedly recommended that Craig Wright hand over thousands of bitcoins and intellectual property rights to the Kleiman estate.

via coindesk08/26/2019

Judge Recommends Ruling in Favor of Kleiman in Craig Wright Case

A magistrate judge has recommended that Craig Wright turn over 50% of his bitcoin and intellectual property from before 2014 to Ira Kleiman.

via insiderpro08/26/2019

Ethereum Fund Grants $2M to Crypto Developers

Preview The fund granted 8 companies with the donation, including Harmony, Prysmatic Labs, Sigma Prime, Status, Whiteblock and etc.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

Crypto in Court — Overview of the Biggest Lawsuits Worldwide

U.S. court cases against crypto and blockchain firms are inconclusive, but international cases appear to be showing clear support for cryptocurrency.

via cointelegraph08/26/2019

Brazil Central Bank Adopts IMF Guidelines for Crypto Classification

The Central Bank of Brazil has adopted guidelines from the International Monetary Fund for classifying cryptocurrencies.

via insiderpro08/26/2019

Online Marketing And Cryptocurrencies: How To Optimize Results

Preview Online marketing is one of the main tools available to any company that wants to achieve the best results on the Internet.